Is it normal to have feelings for another guy while in relationship?

Is it normal to have feelings for another guy while in relationship?

There’s nothing wrong with feeling an attraction to another person when you’re in a relationship. Having a crush on someone other than your partner while you’re in a relationship is totally normal. And it doesn’t mean you’re a shady girlfriend or a bad husband, or that your relationship is on the rocks.

What should I do if I have a boyfriend but like someone else?

Here, 12 women who’ve fancied people other than their partners explain how they dealt with those feelings.

  • Don’t nurture them.
  • There’s nothing wrong with flirting.
  • Don’t fantasise.
  • Distance yourself from it.
  • Let it run its course.
  • Don’t let it be a source of angst.
  • Make a joke out of it.
  • It could be a warning sign.
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Can you have feelings for another guy while in a relationship?

Having feelings for another guy while you’re in a committed relationship means deciding whether to break things off with your boyfriend or ignore your crush. Consider whether your commitment is something that you can continue to carry on. If not, end things before you become unfaithful.

What does it mean when you have feelings for a guy?

This means that you may develop feelings for a new partner as your likes, dislikes and life goals change. It’s possible that you’re changing, and your feelings for a new guy are evidence of this.

Should I dump my Boyfriend for another guy?

If you are no longer interested in having a relationship with your boyfriend, do him a favor and dump him. Don’t string two guys along. Doing that will make you selfish and you may end up losing both of them in the end. Here Is What You Should Do Instead 1. Clarify what you are feeling

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How to get a boyfriend that is taken?

Waiting to see if their relationship lasts or not is a solid plan. No one is saying it will be easy – but he is taken. The best, most responsible, way to get yourself a boyfriend is to find one that is single. That way you can avoid the drama and displeasure of being the “other” woman.