Is it okay to not see your in-laws?

Is it okay to not see your in-laws?

The truth is, you may never like your in-laws. And that’s totally fine. You don’t have to. It’s just important to keep the drama and the tension to a minimum as much as you can for the sake of your spouse and your children (if you have them).

Is it OK to distance myself from my in-laws?

Consider distancing yourself instead. Cutting off your in-laws can cause a rift in the family and make holidays tricky to manage. For instance, you might decide to limit your contact with your in-laws most of the time, but still see them at big family get-togethers.

How do you deal with visiting in-laws?

How to stay sane.

  1. Set time limits on visits.
  2. Ask your relatives to stay at a B&B.
  3. Practice safety in numbers.
  4. Treat your in-laws as you would any other guest.
  5. Treat your in-laws as you would a coworker.
  6. Give yourself a pep talk.
  7. Don’t let them get to you.
  8. Keep a running list of events.
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What should you not do when visiting in-laws?

Avoid triggers. Don’t bring up topics that can lead to arguments. Avoid generic conversations around topics, like politics or reproductive rights, which may invite heated debate. Don’t take any bait thrown your way if your in-laws still have a bone to pick with you.

Is it bad to not see your in-laws anymore?

Your in-laws take up too much of your time as is. Try not to expect the worst. Don’t go into visits on the defensive, ready for a fight. While you may not be looking forward to seeing your in-laws again anytime soon, you may actually find that the rendezvous wasn’t that bad.

How can I stay sane when visiting my in-laws?

In either case, there are tactics to employ when it comes to visiting your in-laws (or vice versa), helping you to stay sane. Set time limits on visits.

How do you deal with in-laws during an engagement?

Make sure that it’s a time period that doesn’t conflict with anything else of importance in your life, as this will only make you resent the engagement even more. Put a cap on how much time you think you can tolerate your in-laws, giving your spouse the option of extending his or her visit without you.

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