Is it really possible to lighten underarms?

Is it really possible to lighten underarms?

Depending on your diagnosis, your doctor or dermatologist might prescribe treatments to lighten underarms, such as: topical creams or lotions containing hydroquinone, tretinoin, corticosteroids, azelaic acid, or kojic acid. laser therapy to remove pigment.

How do you lighten dark underarms?

  1. Apr 7, 2021. Home remedies to lighten dark underarms.
  2. ​Baking soda. Baking soda is the best thing to lighten underarms.
  3. ​Coconut oil. It’s popular for its natural skin lightening agent – vitamin E.
  4. ​Apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar contains natural cleansers.
  5. ​Olive oil.
  6. ​Lemon.
  7. ​Potato juice.
  8. ​Aloe vera.

Is it bad to have dark armpits?

Dark underarms usually aren’t a sign of anything serious, but some people may find them embarrassing — especially during tank top and swimsuit season. Darkening is often due to a skin condition called acanthosis nigricans (AN).

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Why do underarms get dark?

Darkening armpits can be triggered by hormonal disorders, improper shaving, or Acanthosis nigricans. Professor and Interim Chair of Dermatology, Dr. Adam Friedman explains that deodorant or certain medications can also cause armpit darkening. Read the article to learn about the other causes of armpit discoloration.

Why is an armpit called an armpit?

armpit (n.) mid-14c., “hollow place under the shoulder,” from arm (n. 1) + pit (n. Another Middle English word was asselle (early 15c.), from Old French asselle, from Latin axilla. Colloquial armpit of the nation for any locale regarded as ugly and disgusting was in use by 1965.

How do Indians lighten their underarms?

All you have to do is mix 2 tsp of besan or gram flour, a tbsp of coconut oil, half tsp of baking soda, a pinch of turmeric along with aloe vera gel. Now squeeze half a lemon and mix to form a thick paste. Apply the paste on your underarm area and wait.

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Is it better to shave or wax underarms?

This depends on preference, but some find that shaving is much easier to perform on a day-to-day basis for the underarms, legs, and bikini area. For bikini areas, waxing is more precise and can result in less razor bumps because of the delicate skin area.

How can I whiten my armpits naturally?

Advocates of natural remedies suggest a number of natural bleaching agents, including these: Potato. Grate a potato, squeeze the juice from the grated potato, and apply the juice to your underarms. Cucumber. Cut thick slices of cucumber and rub the slices on the dark areas of your underarms. Lemon.

How to lighten dark underarms naturally at home?

Cucumber slices can be used to lighten underarm areas. This is because according to a research [2], cucumber extract contains skin- lightening properties. If you want to know how to use cucumber to whiten your dark underarms, you just need to follow the instructions below: Rub 2 cucumber slices on your dark underarms for 1-2 minutes.

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How to whiten underarms using potato juice?

How to Whiten Armpits Using Potato Juice 1 Make thin slices of potato or 2 Grate potatoes to the amount you like. 3 Apply the juice or slices onto the dark skin. 4 Let it remain on for about 20 minutes. 5 Wash the paste or juice off with warm water. This will lighten dark underarms with consistent use. More

Why is it bad to have dark armpits?

Darker underarm skin can keep some people from dressing in sleeveless tops, wearing bathing suits in public, and participating in sports. Like skin blemishes and discoloration on other parts of the body, dark underarms can result in a lack of confidence and self-esteem. What causes dark armpits?