Is modification of bikes banned in India?

Is modification of bikes banned in India?

As per a 2019 ruling by the Supreme Court, vehicles cannot be modified in such a manner that they significantly alter the original specifications made by the manufacturer. Such specifications include all those that were added by the manufacturer in the certificate of registration of the vehicle.

Is modification of vehicles illegal in India?

In January 2019, the Supreme Court of India made vehicle modification illegal. However, not all kinds of alterations to your car is against the law. You can make some changes to your ride, without being an outlaw.

Why are some car modifications illegal?

Engine modifications Since California is susceptible to poor air quality and smog, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) studies aftermarket parts before approving those that will be permitted for installation on an on-highway driven vehicle or car.

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Is car modification legal in US?

Modifying your car is legal, though there are elements of car modifications that are illegal depending on which state you live in. Cold air intakes, for example, are illegal in Arizona, California, New York, Pennsylvania, and several other states if they don’t carry a CARB Executive Order (EO) number.

Is Customisation legal in India?

The Honourable Supreme Court of India in 2019 ruled that No vehicle can be altered so as to change original specification made by the manufacturer. Hence, any major modifications on vehicles have been completely banned and any alterations to the original specifications will now be illegal.

Can you drive RHD in USA?

Since they’re non-standard, the legality of driving a right-hand drive car, or RHD, in the United States is probably the first question you have. The short answer to whether or not it’s legal to drive this type of vehicle is yes, it’s perfectly legal.

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Are modified cars illegal in India?

Are modified cars illegal in India? The Supreme Court of India on January 2019 ruled that no motor vehicle in the country can be modified or altered in such a way which makes the data about the car differ from the modified version of the car. In layman’s language, you cannot play with the ‘structural features’ of the car in any manner.

Why is the RD350 banned in India?

There are many who believe that RD350 was banned in India due to its extreme speed but the truth is that the bike did not become as popular in India due to the dismal fuel efficiency and of course, the high-performance engine and its price. The poor sales of the bike killed it in the Indian market, not its performance.

What does the Supreme Court’s ruling on modification of cars mean?

Modification of a vehicle is precisely a hard work and involves some skills but only when done properly and safely. The ruling by the Supreme Court is surely a welcome change against the roadside modders who modify cars and bikes for a little amount hence posing a safety threat as well as an environmental one to some extent.

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Is structural alteration of vehicles permissible under Kerala motor vehicle rules?

The apex court actually sets aside a judgment of a division bench of the Kerala High Court, which earlier said that the structural alteration was permissible as per the provisions of the Kerala Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989. Kerala is known for many modified vehicles on the road.