Is NIT Surat good?

Is NIT Surat good?

It is a very good college with a good environment and education. Placements: About 85-90\% of the students from our course got placed. The highest salary package offered is 18 LPA, and the average salary package offered is 6 LPA, and the lowest salary package offered is 5 LPA.

Does NIT Surat have swimming pool?

The electronics department is newly built. Sports facilities are good, but there is no swimming pool.

How are placements at NIT Surat?

A. SVNIT Surat placements 2020 were overall good with highest CTC recorded at Rs 37.50 LPA. Q. The number of students placed during SVNIT Surat placements 2020, 2019 and 2018 were 529, 666 and 630, respectively.

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How many seats are there in NIT Surat?

NIT Surat Seat Matrix

Branch Seats State Quota
Civil Engineering 18 Gujarat
Computer Science and Engineering 18 Gujarat
Electrical Engineering 18 Gujarat
Electronics and Communication Engineering 27 Gujarat

Can I change branch in NIT Surat?

There is no Branch Change.

Can I change branch in Svnit?

Depending upon your cgpa branch change will be done. Top gpa scorers allowed to change branch.

What is the rank of NIT Surat in India in 2017?

As in 2016 it is 13th, at 2017 it reached 52nd and this year it is near to 60. According to the latest rankings released by the Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India, NIT is Surat is currently placed at 15th position in the list of Engineering Institutes of India while it is placed at 2nd place in the list of NITs.

What is the difference between NIT Trichy and NIT Surat?

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NIT Surat is located in the heart of the city whereas NIT Trichy was located in a remote place. To add to the agony, the place is a bit humid. Apart from that the campus is lush green and pretty good. At that time even IIM Trichy was inside the NIT Trichy campus.

How is life at NIT Trichy for engineering?

Of course NIT Trichy is the one of the best engineering college in the South and it holds a quality in not only education but also the student activities. Students do a lot lot of events be it in cultural/ technical/ business and other areas to promote the interests of the society.

How is SVNIT for general engineering in 2018?

For general engineering, SVNIT is not in Top 10 list of NITs this year. It is 13th in 2018 nirf rankings. But for mechanical engineering SVNIT is in top 10 list of NITs. 2. Infrastructure Marvelous! One of the best hostel facilities among all the premier technical institutes (IITs/NITs).

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