Is Romania good for medicine?

Is Romania good for medicine?

Study medicine in Romania is one of the best option in Europe (EU/EEA) not only because of the quality of studies, but also because of cost of studies, tuition fees and living costs included, which are very low compared to other EU/EEA countries.

Is Romania a good country for international students?

More than just Dracula and medieval towns, Romania is a great country for a study abroad experience.

Is Romania a good place to study in?

Romania is a great place for you to study, diplomas are recognised all over Europe and beyond. In addition, the Diploma Supplement (DS) issued automatically with your graduation diploma is bilingual and thus ensures transparency of learning outcomes and improves employability.

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Should you study medicine in Romania?

Studying medicine in Romania is one of the best options in Europe and offers students excellent quality of education in English, French or Romanian language, a rich cultural heritage, affordable tuition and living expenses.

Can foreign students work in Romania?

Yes. International students in Romania do not require a working permit as long as they hold a residence permit for studying in the country. Students are allowed to work four hours / day with no working permit.

Do they speak English in Romania?

English is the most spoken language in Romania.

What age is high school in Romania?

Compulsory schooling usually starts at age 5, with the last year of kindergarten (grupa mare), which is mandatory in order to enter primary school. Schooling is compulsory until the twelfth grade (which corresponds with the age of eighteen or nineteen).

Is Romania education system good?

Romania’s education system is rapidly advancing. The literacy rate among those over the age of 15 rose from 96.7 percent in 1992 to 97.3 in 2002. Today, 98.8 percent of Romanians are literate.

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How long is medicine in Romania?

Six-year general medicine programs consist of three years of preclinical studies, followed by three years of clinical studies. The Romanian education system has undergone constant changes and renovations. Today, more than 40 public colleges and universities operate in Romania.

Where can I study medicine in Europe?

Study Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary in English at the best European Medical Universities in Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria. Study Medicine Europe Ltd is the global leader in medical student recruitment.

How hard is it to study medicine abroad?

If you want to study medicine abroad, it can be hard to choose the right study destination and university – there are more than 500 institutions in the latest QS World University Rankings by Subject 2017 for medicine alone.

How much does it cost to study medicine in Romania?

Many medical schools in Romania boast a fantastic reputation due to the advanced technological resources, skilled teachers, and a long history of teaching medicine to international students in English and French. Schools like the Carol Davila University of Bucharest have tuition of around €6000 per year.

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Is Bulgaria a good country to study medicine?

It ranks sixth for its academic reputation in the EECA ranking. Although currently not featured in the medicine subject ranking, Bulgaria also has a good selection of medical universities, including Plovdiv Medical University and Sofia Medical University, both of which offer English-taught medical degrees.