Is Technical Guruji citizen of Dubai?

Is Technical Guruji citizen of Dubai?

Gaurav Chaudhary (born 7 May 1991), known professionally as Technical Guruji, is an Indian YouTube personality based in the UAE. Chaudhary is notable for producing YouTube videos concerning technology in Hindi….

Gaurav Chaudhary
Born Gaurav Chaudhary 7 May 1991 (age 30) Ajmer, Rajasthan India
Nationality Indian

Where is Technical Guruji from?

Ajmer, India
Gaurav Chaudhary/Place of birth

Who is the biggest YouTuber in Dubai?

Tune into the popular YouTube content creators in Dubai

  • Baz. 646K subscribers.
  • Gaurav Chaudhary. 5.22M subscribers.
  • Lana Rose. 2.43M subscribers.
  • Lowi Sahi. 2.4M subscribers.
  • Mo Vlogs. 10.9M subscribers.
  • Money Kicks. 3.15M subscribers. Subscribe.
  • Noor Stars. 18.8M subscribers. Subscribe.
  • Supercar Blondie. 7.24M subscribers. Subscribe.
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How much is Technical Guruji unboxing?

The Technical guruji net worth is $50 million. He is the richest YouTuber in India. For unboxing a smartphone he charges 50 lakh to 70 lakh rupees depending upon the brand. The monthly income of Technical Guruji is around 12 crore rupees.

Who is Carryminati net worth?

The net worth of CarryMinati is estimated to be around $3.8 Million (Rs. 28 Crores). His sources of income are through YouTube videos and brand endorsements and tie up videos.

Is Gaurav Taneja A Millionaire?

Gaurav Taneja aka Flying Beast is an Indian airline pilot, fitness icon, and a successful YouTuber with a total net worth of $ 5 million. Gaurav was born on 9 July 1986 in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

Who has the most subscribers in Dubai?

Top 10 Youtube channels in the United Arab Emirates Hussain Al Jassmi is the most subscribed and viewed singer/artist on YouTube Dubai, followed by Eida Al Menhali.

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Who is the most famous Arab YouTuber?

Iraqi-American YouTuber Noor Stars is by far one of the most popular Arabic YouTubers out there. Noor Stars was the first Arab female to reach half a million subscribers. Her channel also boasts an impressive 39,608,338 views.

Who is Technical Guruji?

In Dubai, he received a certification to work with security systems from the Dubai police, but also started a YouTube channel besides his work. Chaudhary launched his Technical Guruji channel in October 2015, primarily posting advice and product reviews.

What is the value of Technical Guruji’s house in Dubai?

Technical Guruji has bought not one but several houses in Dubai where the value of his personal home is being reported as around 60 crores Indian Rupees. Technical Guruji’s family land is still lying in India, which is also worth crores of rupees.

How Technical Guruji earns 2 million monthly from his YouTube channel?

Technical Guruji earns more than 2 million monthly from his YouTube channel. In many ways he earns, let’s know one by one. Adsense is a Google product in which you can monetize your blog and YouTube channel.

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When did Guruji start his channel?

Chaudhary launched his Technical Guruji channel in October 2015, primarily posting advice and product reviews. The channel grew quickly, and in 2017 Chaudhary created a second channel dedicated to producing content about his personal life. Chaudhary’s Technical Guruji channel continued its rapid growth.