Is there such a thing as spiritual awakening?

Is there such a thing as spiritual awakening?

Many secular references to spiritual awakening are in the context of mysticism and New Age thinking and should be approached with extreme caution. What the world calls a “spiritual awakening” could be nothing more than an open door to contact demonic spirits.

Is your soul ready for a spiritual awakening?

However, a spiritual awakening can happen spontaneously one day, when your soul is ready. This stage of the spiritual awakening process can be very emotionally overwhelming, especially after a dramatic occurrence. You may need to find new ways to deal with the experience.

How old do you have to be to get a spiritual awakening?

One can get spiritual awakening at any age. One will not only experience a sudden change in oneself but others will also feel the change, who will be affected by it whenever they come in contact with the person. As long as one is in a state of soul consciousness, one remains awakened. benjamin on November 20, 2018:

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What happens in the third stage of spiritual awakening?

In the third stage of spiritual awakening, the seven chakras are now awakening gradually. Depending on your state of being, the opening of the energy centers of the body may cause ”spiritual awakening symptoms” on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level (see examples of spiritual awakening symptoms below).

Is woke culture the definition of misunderstood spiritual awakening?

In reality, there is no “light” or “darkness”; there is only permanence and flexibility. Woke culture is the very definition of misunderstood spiritual awakening. While they realize that injustices are wrong, they also vehemently oppress people who don’t understand other people’s realities.

Are You self-righteous after a spiritual awakening?

Those new to spiritual awakening often experience a sense of self-righteousness. After shedding their previous beliefs, they start clinging on to the “good” beliefs and actively label anything outside of that as evil. This conditions people into believing that you have to think and behave a certain way.

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What is the difference between psychosis and spiritual awakening?

Psychosis is defined as a severe mental illness where one becomes totally out of touch with reality. Whereas spiritual awakening brings one up close with reality. It is, in a way, a return to sanity or to being more sane than you have ever been before.