Is Voyager stronger than the enterprise?

Is Voyager stronger than the enterprise?

Voyager NCC-74656 is one of the fastest and most powerful starships in Starfleet. Although only 345 meters long, about half the size of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D, Voyager is more technologically advanced than previous Starfleet vessels.

How big is the crew of the Enterprise?

Hawkeye Is Here To Amaze – The Loop A Galaxy-class starship such as the USS Enterprise-D normally had a complement of approximately 1,000-6,000 crewmembers, including civilian residents and families.

How powerful is the USS Enterprise Star Trek?

Enterprise NCC-1701-D. This starship, captained by Picard during The Next Generation, serves as the flagship of the Federation during its impressive seven-year mission. Early in its career, it is able to push warp 9.6.

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Was the enterprise in the Dominion War?

tng’s enterprise was involved in the dominion war, as showed in varios brooks,comics and games. the reason that in ds9 did not mention the enterprise-e was the decision of the producers to keep the characters for the film series.

Can Voyager beat the Enterprise-D?

In a Star Trek battle between two ships, one named Enterprise, the other not, the Enterprise will almost always win… eventually. Even if it takes two hours of running time and/or a bunch of children to do it. Voyager has more firepower than the Enterprise, though, correct? Click to expand… No.. Voyager’s about half the size of Enterprise-D.

How powerful was the Voyager really?

Voyager was “theoretically” a weaker, but much faster ship than Enterprise D. However, according to the Voyager episodes, the ship was dozens of times more powerful than than Enterprise D. Look at the fact that a lone borg cube wiped out something like half the federation ships. in Best Of Both Worlds.

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Could the Enterprise beat the Star Destroyer in a war?

So the open question, with respect to the Enterprise’s chances of winning, is this – does the Enterprise actually have enough energy reserve for its weapons to inflict sufficient damage on the Star Destroyer before it runs out? Because the Star Destroyer can tank a significant amount of damage and still keep on fighting, while the Enterprise can’t.

Why are the Borg cubes faster than the Enterprise and Voyager?

Well, R. Star, the Borg Cubes are much more massive than the Enterprise or Voyager, but they are faster than both. Well, R. Star, the Borg Cubes are much more massive than the Enterprise or Voyager, but they are faster than both. Click to expand… Because they have a superior propulsion system since we’re stating the obvious.