What does Antonia get from his relationship with Bassanio?

What does Antonia get from his relationship with Bassanio?

Antonio lets Bassanio use his money like it’s his own. Antonio is already more than willing to lend him. This proves Antonio’s selflessness and that he considers Bassanio a brother. Another proof of Antonio and Bassanio’s deep friendship comes in scene 3 of Act 1 when the two are before Shylock to ask him for a loan.

Who is the lover of Bassanio?

Bassanio is so in love with Portia that until he knows whether he has won her hand in marriage or not, the uncertainty is as painful as torture to him. Once Bassanio has won Portia’s hand in marriage he admits that he pretended he had more wealth than he did and admits that he boasted about something he didn’t have.

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Does Antonio fall in love in Merchant of Venice?

Women seem happy to give love, but they do so with a bit of cynicism. Antonio clearly loves Bassanio (whether romantically or not), but he ultimately must subordinate this love to Portia’s more formal marriage with him. Love is regulated, sacrificed, betrayed, and generally built on rocky foundations in the play.

Does Bassanio kiss Antonio?

Director Michael Radford’s film poses questions when the merchant, Antonio, shares a kiss with his friend, Bassanio, though even the actors who play them do not agree about what the kiss means. But before he leaves, Bassanio delivers a kiss that is as passionate as any with Portia.

Why does Antonio only love the world for Bassanio?

Bassanio tells Antonio that he wants to find an honorable way to pay his financial debt back to Antonio. He uses this moment to recognize his friendship with Antonio, declaring that he not only owes him money, but also love. This interchange clearly displays a friendship with a strong bond.

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How does Antonio help Bassanio?

Antonio helps Bassanio by borrowing money from Shylock, the Jewish money-lender, to loan to Bassanio so that he (Bassanio) can court Portia, a wealthy heiress. Antonio’s money is tied up in his ships and trading, so he doesn’t have the cash on hand to loan to Bassanio himself.

What does Antonio get from Bassanio?

Antonio lends Bassanio 3,000 ducats and puts his own life at risk so Bassanio can pay his debts and go to Belmont. Three thousand ducats was a large sum of money during that age, and the penalty for failing to pay it would be even harsher.

Why did Bassanio kiss Antonio?

To help his friend, Antonio borrows money from the Jewish moneylender Shylock, who has been subjected to past prejudice and anti-Semitic insults from Antonio. They discuss Bassanio’s plans and Antonio agrees to help. But before he leaves, Bassanio delivers a kiss that is as passionate as any with Portia.

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How does Bassanio describe Antonio?

While talking to Portia, Bassanio describes Antonio as kind, generous to others, and one of the most honorable men in Italy. Bassanio’s friendship and view of Antonio provide readers with a clear picture of Antonio’s well-liked and good-hearted character.

Are Antonio and Bassanio cousins?

Bassanio, your most noble kinsman” (1.1. 60). The term kinsman in Shakespeare often refers to a cousin. If Bassanio and Antonio are cousins, then it is no longer questionable for Antonio to lend Bassanio the 3,000 ducats, nor is Bassanio’s departure from Belmont for Venice questionable.

Is Antonio older than Bassanio?

In production, he’s frequently played as older than Bassanio, sometimes by as much as ten and fifteen years.