What does riot armor protect against?

What does riot armor protect against?

Durable Polycarbonate The Haven Gear riot suits’ deftly engineered polycarbonate panels provide yet another, lightweight layer of protection against blunt, sharp, and flammable objects that may be hurled at officers in tense, crowd-control situations.

Is riot armor bullet resistant?

Both RiotReady and BulletSafe products will be available at SHOT Show booth #2616 starting and are sold here at BulletSafe.com. Note: RiotReady Riot Gear is not bulletproof.

What does riot armor weigh?

As a result, most riot shields weigh less than ballistic shields. The shield’s weight will vary by size, thickness, features, and materials used. Rectangular shields tend to weigh between 6 – 14 lbs (2.7 – 6.5 kg), while most circular shields weigh around 4 – 5 lbs (1.8 – 2.3 kg).

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Does riot shield protect your back?

Although it takes up your weapon slot, the Riot Shields can stop all incoming bullets from where it is facing, only having little exposure. The Shield can also cover your back when not equipped off hand.

What does riot gear consist of?

Riot gear typically includes personal armor, batons, and riot helmets. Many riot police teams also deploy specialized less-than-lethal weapons, such as pepper spray, tear gas, rifles that fire rubber bullets, stun grenades, water cannons and Long Range Acoustic Devices.

How much does a riot shield weigh Ark?

30 base
40 × Metal Ingot or Scrap Metal Ingot The Riot Shield is the third unlockable shield. It has higher base durability than both the metal and wooden shield and, while lighter than the metal shield, is still fairly heavy at 30 base weight.

Is the riot shield unbreakable?

When the Juggernaut Recon pointstreak is used, the player will be automatically granted a Riot Shield, a USP .

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Do riot shields block bullets?

The shields that riot police use are not able to stop a bullet and probably won’t even slow it down too much. They are designed to resist attacks that are common in a riot, such as a man with a stick attacking an officer. SWAT teams, however, employ the use of tougher shields that are bulletproof.

What are riot suits and how do they work?

State-of-the-art riot suits are fire resistant, stab resistant, and can resist blunt force trauma, allowing officers to safely bypass crowds to better defuse dangerous situations. These suits can also be integrated with body cameras to record incidents that could assist in future legal proceedings.

Why choose Security Pro USA for riot gear?

Security Pro USA carries the best crowd and riot equipment that meets the quality standards required by law enforcement. Our riot gear is designed to protect police officers from blunt force trauma, hard blows and penetration from sharp objects.

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What are the different types of riot gear?

There are several different types of gloves based on the needs of the officers, ranging from padded Kevlar to hard knuckle gloves to a plain leather glove. Riot suits and gear may also encompass other important equipment and accessories, such as gas masks, utility bags, hydration packs, grenadier bags, medical kits, backpacks, and deployment bags.

Why riot gear is important for police officers?

In each case, one needs to be fully equipped with the right kind of riot gear in order to do the job well. Besides, it helps them stay safe against all sorts of risks and injuries when they are under attack.