What happens after the nikkah?

What happens after the nikkah?

The officiant may add an additional religious ceremony following the nikah, which usually includes a recitation of the Fatihah—the first chapter of the Quran—and durud (blessings).

How long does nikkah last?

Muslim marriage consists of two things, Nikkah and Valima. Nikkah: it takes approx. 30 minutes, Valima: it is a lunch or dinner to announce the marriage of the couple, take 2 – 3 hours.

What are the conditions of nikah?

There are also some unwritten conditions of the nikah which are understood: the bride and groom should be of marriageable age, there should be no expectation or demand of a dowry or jahez from the groom’s family, the financial support of the wife is the duty of the husband, and neither partner has the right to force …

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Can we live together after Nikah?

Nikah is essential and fundamental principle of Islam without which a man and woman cannot live together as husband and wife. After Nikah, there is nothing left behind obligatory to fulfill but to begin married life.

What is the difference between Nikah and marriage?

Nikah is marriage. It is the most common way of marriage in Islam. It is the legitimate contract signed by the bride and the groom before entering the marriage with their acceptance. Engagement is the pre-stage of marriage and nikah is the final marriage.

What should we do before Nikah?

1) Written marriage contract (“Aqd-Nikah”) signed by the bride and the groom and witnessed by the two adult and sane witnesses. 2)Qadi (State appointed Muslim judge) or Ma’zoon (a responsible person officiating the marriage ceremony) usually the Imam.

How can we do Nikah without parents?

The main rules are:

  1. Both must have reached puberty.
  2. Spoken consent of both parties is required.
  3. Wali (Guardian) is required on behalf of virgin girl.
  4. Minimum 2 witnesses are also required for Nikah (marriage contract) as a must, without witness no marriage is valid no matter what situation or condition or place.
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Is nikkah an engagement?

Nikah is marriage. It simply implies that the man has promised to marry the girl and that the future bride is now “out of the marriage market”. Engagement is the pre-stage of marriage and nikah is the final marriage. Engagement is the period between proposal and marriage.