What happens if Sun is in 1st house?

What happens if Sun is in 1st house?

They can easily acquire authority and power over others. The placement of Sun in the 1st house also empowers a person with strong will and determination. They also are endowed with positivity, practicality and self-confidence. They tend to be wiser than most other people, according to the effect of Sun in 1st house.

Is Sun and Mercury friends?

Let us tell you that Sun and Venus are the friends for Mercury planet while Mars, Guru and Saturn are neutral, ie they give normal result.

How do you strengthen Budh?

Budh Puja, Budh Mantra and Remedies

  1. Perform Weak Mercury Remedies through your Dress & Lifestyle.
  2. Prayer as Mercury Remedy.
  3. Fasting as a medium for Mercury Remedies.
  4. Donation (Daan) as a remedy for Mercury Planet.
  5. Mantra for Mercury Remedies.
  6. Establishment of Yantra as a part of Mercury Remedies.
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What does it mean when Mercury is in Pisces?

Moreover, when Mercury is located in Pisces, it is in the 10th house from its own sign Gemini. The 10th house in astrology signifies high achievements and status in life. Hence, this disposition of Mercury from its home supports them in succeeding in the world of spirituality and other similar imaginative creations.

What if Mercury is in 1st house for Aries sign?

Mercury in the 1st house unites with the energies of the 1st zodiac sign Aries, which shares common energies with the given house. It is important to note that the positive placement of Sun and the 1st house lord carry an important role in amplifying the favorable effects or saving from negative results of ill-placed Mercury in the 1st house.

What does the cusp of the first house mean in astrology?

The cusp of the first house is the ascendant, one of the most important points in the natal chart. If the Sun is in your first house, it can happen that it is located close to the ascendant. (The orb here is usually about 10 degrees). If you have your Sun in first house conjunct your ascendant, you were born around sunrise.

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What does Mercury in the ascendant mean in astrology?

Ill-placed Mercury in the ascendant makes it hard to establish a business as it deprives of natural entrepreneurial skills and wisdom. However, if 1st house lord supports (by being placed well) it indicates obtainment of the required wisdom after initial struggles.