What if I am married but I have a baby with another man in Tennessee?

What if I am married but I have a baby with another man in Tennessee?

Under Tennessee law, if the woman is still living with her husband, and remained so during the conception, pregnancy and birth of the child; the man whom the woman had an affair with has twelve months to file a petition to establish paternity with the court.

What if the father of my child is married?

In California, whenever a man fathers a child with a married woman, he runs the risk of having the woman’s husband raise his child; he risks being excluded from the child’s life. In other words, the law may favor a stable marriage over a biological father’s interests. To learn more, read about disputing parentage here.

What should I do if my married girlfriend got pregnant?

If your ‘’married girlfriend’’ got pregnant as a result of yoru relationship with her, the logical thing to do is to introduce yourself to the husband and offer to help him raise the little one.

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What happens if a woman gets pregnant while still married?

When a woman is married and pregnant from another man. Many times in family law cases, we see situations where a woman becomes pregnant while still married. The husband by law, is presumed to be the biological father of the child. It complicates the divorce.

Can I get pregnant with a married man’s child?

Getting pregnant with a married man’s child, is simply the ultimate tactic to poach another woman’s spouse. If any mistresses are reading this and have gotten pregnant by a married man, please do not tell me that you are just so fertile that IUD’s, birth control, and condoms are no match for your Fabulous Fertility. You are lying.

What should I do if my husband wants a new wife?

Get divorced, and free your husband so he can find a wife that will stay faithful to him. You have committed the ultimate disrespect in marriage. There is absolutely nothing worse to a marriage than going outside the marriage and having someone else’s child.

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