What is a good double major with international studies?

What is a good double major with international studies?

What are good double majors or minors to pair with an international relations degree?

  • Political science.
  • International business.
  • Anthropology.
  • Sociology.
  • Legal studies.
  • History.
  • Organizational leadership.
  • Gender studies.

What is the best minor for economics major?

Here are 10 minors that economics majors can consider pursuing:

  • Political science.
  • Behavioral science.
  • Statistics.
  • Internet technology.
  • Analytics.
  • Psychology.
  • Accounting.
  • Language. Studying a foreign language can have many benefits for economics majors.

Why should I major in international studies?

A degree in International Relations can open you up to a better understanding of the interconnected world we live in. Generally, it will introduce you to the world of politics and the social-historical impact of global development. There are some very good reasons to invest in a career in international studies.

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What major goes well with economics?

More than half of Economics students complete a double major. The most popular Weinberg College majors taken in conjunction with economics are Political Science, History, Mathematics, and Psychology.

Is double majoring in college worth it?

The answer is subjective. According to the Cambridge University Press ‘ study, approximately 20\% of college graduates have double major programs. Students pursuing a double major in STEM-related majors and business earned higher salaries than graduates with single majors. What of Double Majoring?

Can You double major in Political Science and economics?

Political Science and Economics Double Major. Another popular double major combination is that of Political Science and Economics. Almost every business aspect thrives on economic fundamentals, so it’s wise to decide for Economics as a second major! Economics applies to real-world scenarios, too.

Can You double major in foreign language and business?

Additionally, over 10 percent of double majors include a foreign language. Ultimately, a double major should give you two sets of skills and knowledge related to the career field you plan to pursue. Foreign language and business majors, for example, go hand in hand because of the global marketplace.

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What are the best double major options?

Here are the 15 Best Double Major Options you can pursue and the schools offering the programs. An Accounting and Finance double major focuses on organizational behavior, business fundamentals, marketing, and statistics. Graduates gain the skills to pursue their entrepreneurial ventures, manage their finances, and reduce financial risks.