What is B.A. Programme subjects in DU?

What is B.A. Programme subjects in DU?

Students have to study four subjects every year consisting of two discipline courses that have to be studied in the first, second and third year and usually comprise subjects such as Economics, History, Political Science, English and Hindi Literature, Advertising, Family Welfare, Mathematics, Sanskrit and Music.

How many subjects are there in B.A. in DU?

BA (Hons) or BA course can be pursued in a full-time, part-time, correspondence or distance education mode. It is mandatory to study five subjects along with few elective subjects. The subjects will vary depending on the selected subject.

Which B.A. course is best in DU?

More than 1.25 lakh applications were received for BA (Programme) for DU admissions 2019….Top Courses in Delhi University (DU) 2019.

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Top Courses in Delhi University for Admissions 2019
Course Total No of Seats Total Registrations
BA (Hons) English 2,450 1,42,970
BA (Hons) Political Science 3,197 1,30,240
BA Programme 10,756 1,25,519

What is the fees of BA in Delhi University?

DU Fee for Delhi College of Arts and Commerce

Programmes UR/OBC/Minority SC
B.A. Programme 10615 10615
B.Com. 10015 10015
B.Com. (Hons.) 10015 10015
B.A. (Hons.) Economics 10015 10015

What is the value of BA Programme?

One benefit of studying BA programme is that a student can take up postgraduation in any of the subjects he or she has studied during the course,” Misra said. Besides, it’s most suitable for those interested in civil services as it gives knowledge of different subjects.

How is BA Programme a good course?

Unlike any other course, BA programme gives you an opportunity to study various combinations of subjects. So, it is quite popular among those interested in civil services. It can also be a good option for those who cannot get through an honours course of their choice because of high cut-offs.

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What is the scope of BBA in Delhi University?

B.A Programme is a famous course in Delhi University. Course allows you to study combination of subjects and is mostly opted by students who are indecisive of their career. B.A Programme have subjects like English,Hindi, Political science, Economics and History.

Is it good to do a BA from du?

You won’t get a good pay just after doing BA Programme but you will get exposure after coming to DU so you’ve a great chance to groom yourself for future. not all B A programmes have scope.

What are the career options after Ba progrmme?

Here are some career avenues one can go for… 1.After graduation from B.A Progrmme, most of students go for further studies i.e.post-graduation in courses like B.Ed. or M.A. There are number of oppor First of all please enjoy these three year. Meet as much as people as you can. Enjoy every fest organised in Delhi. Now come to your question…

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