What is the effect of Ketu in 3rd house?

What is the effect of Ketu in 3rd house?

Thus, in short – when Ketu is located in the 3rd house, the native may never have to face trouble of hard cash. There may be some time when you, as a native of having Ketu in the 3rd house may face some minor injuries leading to some health problems. You may find yourself having injuries majorly on the right arm.

What happens if Shani is in 3rd house?

The natives of Saturn in third house are usually serious & orderly. They may face issues due to less or improper communication. They are likely to be quite isolated in life. Thus, they may develop elements of pessimism and depression at times.

What is Ketu antardasha in Saturn mahadasha?

The Shadow planet Ketu is one of the most malefic planets in the astrological arena and is perceived to bring the worst period of native’s life as it is the carrier of hurdles and obstacles in life. This Ketu antardasha in the Saturn Mahadasha is perceived to be generally a negative period for a person as it would be a very much difficult path.

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Why am I so afraid of the Ketu mahadasha?

Guess this explains why I am so afraid of the Ketu Mahadasha, it contains two worst periods anyone can go through in life. This has been called the period of “Karmic Retribution” and it is believed that free will of a person is at its minimum during this period and the hand of destiny takes over.

What is Ketu mahadasha in a horoscope?

Ketu Mahadasha period is for 7 Years in a Horoscope when it gets active and affects as Antardasha period with all other planets. Whenever your planet positions are going through the Ketu Mahadasha period then the consequence of Ketu Mahadasha will result as follows: It’s got a serpentine head. The regular human head is cut away.

Is Rahu Mahadasha and Moon antardasha scary?

Rahu Mahadasha – Moon Antardasha: The horror movie: Haunting, fear, and depression: If anything scares me after Ketu-Venus, it is the period of Rahu-Moon. It doesn’t matter if it is Rahu Mahadasha and Moon Antardasha or Moon Mahadasha and Rahu Antardasha, either way the native is haunted by a lot of fears.

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