What is the most common Hogwarts house to be sorted into Pottermore?

What is the most common Hogwarts house to be sorted into Pottermore?

While plenty of respondents were sorted into Gryffindor (Harry Potter’s House) or Slytherin (home to many of the books’ budding villains), a majority were in either Ravenclaw (home to the studious and industrious) or Hufflepuff (the House of humility and diversity).

What do Slytherins like to study?

Slytherins are naturally cunning and inquisitive about the world around them. If they think a certain subject will help them in their pursuits, they soak up knowledge like a sponge. Do something every day to expand your mind: complete a puzzle, read thought-provoking books, and question how the world works.

What is it like to be in Slytherin House?

Of course, Slytherin do have a couple of foibles: their issues with Muggles, a terrifying serpent emblem, and that dreadful chap Lord Voldemort. But if you do get Sorted into this house, there is absolutely no need to be down about it. This ancient community has just as much to offer as the other three houses, despite all evidence to the contrary.

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What does Slytherin mean in Harry Potter?

And to use a more general example, Slytherins are the type of people in your friend group that makes the decisions and gets the group together. Without them, everyone will be in chaos, just doing whatever they want.

What is a Slytherin’s determination?

Determination is the one thing that will let you keep going even when you fail. Like in that awesome muggle movie, La La Land, how they say, “And when they let you down, you’ll get up off the ground, and as morning rolls around and it’s another day of sun!” Only true Slytherins will be able to do this till the very end.

Does Slytherin produce a lot of Bad Wizards?

And while Slytherin does produce a LOT of dark wizards, maybe it just has a bad rep and is really just about producing powerful wizards. While Slytherin is full of terrible wizards and witches, it also has some decent ones.

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