What is the most popular Cessna?

What is the most popular Cessna?

Cessna 172
Measured by its longevity and popularity, the Cessna 172 is the most successful aircraft in history. Cessna delivered the first production model in 1956, and as of 2015, the company and its partners had built more than 44,000 units.

What is the best year Cessna 172 to buy?

The 1998 Cessna 172 is among his top picks, after the 1974 model. The prices of both the 1986 172P and 1997 172R models have dramatically plunged since 2008, but both have leveled off.

What is a Cessna 172 worth?

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How Much does a Cessna 172 Cost? Given that there are so many variations and features of the Cessna 172, the cost to buy one varies massively. You can expect to pay around $400,000US for a brand new Skyhawk, however prices sit at around $300,000 for a modern 172 on the pre-owned market.

What is a good first airplane to buy?

Cessnas’ singles remain the volume leader. The Piper PA28 Cherokee series. If you trained in a low-wing aircraft, you’ll typically look at the Cherokee 140, Cherokee 180, Warrior, Archer, or Dakota first. They offer a lot of value for your money.

What is the difference between a Cessna 172 and a Cessna 182?

The 182 is faster than the 172, offering more complexity and increased weight and balance specs. The 182 is simply a faster, smoother, and more efficient beast than the 172 so when it comes down to it, the question is your budget and how much you are willing to spend.

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How much does a brand new Cessna 172 cost?

You may ask, how much is a new Cessna 172 today? The Skyhawk goes out the door with pricing (from 2018) in the range from $369,000 to $438,000, depending on options—like the Garmin G1000 NXi.

What is the top speed for a Cessna?

A basic Cessna model, such as the 172N, has a maximum flight speed of 125 knots and a maximum cruising speed of 122 knots. Its engines can create an initial climb rate of approximately 770 feet per minute with an altitude ceiling of 14,200 feet.

What is the cost of the average Cessna?

Depending on numerous factors, the average price for a pre-owned CESSNA 340A is $282,118.99. A $93,750.00 loan over 120 months including $390.62 per month in interest equates to a $4,700.97 per-period payment.

What is the biggest Cessna plane?

The Cessna 182 Large 1/5 Scale is our largest electric ready to fly RC plane ever released to date. Wingspan is a whopping 59 inches! Powered by a huge 950 kv brushless (500 class) motor and scale tri-bladed propeller for maximum thrust in all maneuvers.

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What are Cessna planes used for?

The aircraft are commonly used in outback Australia for light passenger and cargo charters and aerial survey work. Widely used by flight training schools, air taxi and commercial charter, private operators, and companies the Cessna 210 is a versatile aircraft.