What majors do McKinsey hire?

What majors do McKinsey hire?

A degree in math, statistics, economics, econometrics, operations research, or a related quantitative discipline will equip you with the necessary skills for the job.

Do consulting firms hire undergrads?

The Top 3 firms hire Undergraduates, Advanced Degree graduates, MBA graduates and Experienced Professionals for generalist consulting roles. Consulting is a great career choice for new graduates who want to learn about lots of business sectors quickly.

How do you get into McKinsey after graduation?

With an advanced degree, it’s possible to join at Associate level, which is the second rung up the ladder. If you join the firm as an undergraduate, you’ll be expected to get an MBA after around two years, which will usually be paid for by McKinsey if you agree to work for them for two years after graduating.

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What degree do you need to work at McKinsey?

At McKinsey, however, there are many more career paths. Typically, candidates who do not hold an advanced degree such as a PhD, JD (Doctor of Jurisprudence), MD (Doctor of Medicine) or MBA join as business analysts (known as fellows in some geographies).

What is the role of a partner in McKinsey?

They mentor junior-tenured McKinsey colleagues, take leadership roles in the firm and contribute more heavily to recruiting, office/practice leadership, etc. The traditional McKinsey client teams typically consisted of one partner, one associate partner, one engagement manager, and, on average, two or three associates or business analysts.

What is the typical duration of an internship at McKinsey?

For candidates currently pursuing a degree, the typical duration and timing of internships at McKinsey is 10 weeks in the summer, though there may be opportunities to intern for fewer weeks or during the spring or fall. This timing varies around the world and based on the position as well as your current background.

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What does an engagement manager at McKinsey do?

Engagement managers are responsible for the onsite operations of a client engagement. They work closely with clients and McKinsey leaders, guide and mentor associates and business analysts and structure the workstreams and deliverables.