What specialization is best in MBA?

What specialization is best in MBA?

Top 15 MBA Specialization in India 2021

  1. MBA in Marketing Management.
  2. MBA in Financial Management.
  3. MBA in Human Resource Management.
  4. MBA in International Business.
  5. MBA in Logistics Management.
  6. MBA in Supply Chain Management.
  7. MBA in Enterprise Management.
  8. MBA in Artificial Intelligence.

What is dual Specialisation?

MBA dual specialization is a two years post-graduation program. It gives you an extensive understanding of business finance, economics, and marketing as well as a variety of practical skills and work experience. Dual specialization is for candidates aspiring an exciting and challenging career in management.

What are MBA specializations?

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Sr No MBA Specialization Type of Specialization
3 MBA in Human Resource Management Functional
4 MBA in International Business Functional
5 MBA in Logistics & Supply Chain Management Functional
6 MBA Big Data Analytics/ Data Science/ Business Analytics Functional

Does dual specialization impact the application process to an MBA program?

A dual specialization does not impact the application process to an MBA program; a dual degree program requires students to apply and gain admissions to two separate graduate programs.

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What are some examples of MBA specializations?

Examples of MBA specializations include: Forensic Accounting & Business Fraud Organizational Behavior & Leadership Sustainability & Environmental Compliance Some MBA programs that offer specializations allow students to choose more than one area of concentration, which constitutes a dual specialization.

What is dualdual MBA?

Dual MBA streamlines two-degree Programmes together while concentrating on two areas. The course-duration generally lasts for 2 years and offers a master’s degree in any two desired specialized field. Hence, this degree is proclaimed as a fast-track professional master’s degree.

What is an a dual degree?

A dual degree, on the other hand, refers to a program of studies that leads to the conferral of two distinct graduate degrees – e.g., an MBA and a Doctor of Medicine (MD); an MBA and a Juris Doctor (JD); an MBA and a Master or Public Policy (MPP); or an MBA and a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN).