What threat level would Saitama be?

What threat level would Saitama be?

When he can achieve so much more than that by doing slightly above-standard training for three years, training that would be considered a piece of cake by Goku. We know it’s above super saiyan god level because that is where Boros was before he attempted to evolve further as Saitama killed him.

What is the highest threat level in one punch man?

One Punch Man: Disaster Threat Levels, Explained

  1. 1 Threat Level God.
  2. 2 Threat Level Dragon.
  3. 3 Threat Level Demon.
  4. 4 Threat Level Tiger. If a threat is at this level, odds are they will be left for B Class Heroes and lower.
  5. 5 Threat Level Wolf. The lowest of all the threat level ranks is given the designation of Wolf.
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Is there anyone as strong as Saitama in one punch man?

No one else. The whole point of Saitama is he doesn’t lose. It takes one punch for him to end it all. And btw, he did punch energy in his fight with Boros (who was a very obvious db parody).

Which God can defeat Saitama?

Whether they’re in the One Punch Man or Dragon Ball universe, Goku would easily be able to kill Saitama without much effort.

What Dragon is higher than threat level?

Tiger: Any threat to a large number of people. Demon: Any threat to a city and its people. Dragon: Any threat to multiple cities. God: A threat endangering the survival of humanity in general.

What can Saitama do at full power?

Saitama’s only power is that his body is far beyond human limits, allowing him to achieve astounding physical feats. His strength is so great that it vastly eclipses even artificial beings designed or bred specifically for superhuman combat, such as mechanical beings or the mutated warriors from the House of Evolution.

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Is Saitama a god level threat?

Obviously Saitama is a God level threat, since he defeated Boros, who could have destroyed all humanity with his final blast. As for power level, Saitama is an infinitely powerful joke character. He can’t be put in versus battles for the same reason as Chuck Norris: he’d obliterate all competition.

How powerful is Saitama’s punch to the Sun?

And if the sun has a mass 333,000 times greater than that of earth than saitama would have a power level of around. 2,763,900,000 or around 2.7 billion with his destructive capabilities alone, it would most likely be higher as even his serious punch wasn’t saitama going all out. The 4 Worst Blood Pressure Drugs.

Who is one punch man’s main hero Saitama?

One Punch Man has been able to win over audiences across two incredible seasons, but it’s the show’s main hero, Saitama, who keeps fans glued in. There have been many new anime to come around in recent years that have made huge impressions on both dedicated fans of the genre as well as total newcomers.

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Does Saitama remember who everyone is?

Most recently, Saitama has been bumped up to B-Class, which is a modest position that he’s fine with. One Punch Man paints a very full universe of characters and it’s both humorous & believable that Saitama would stumble with remembering who everyone is.