What woke up the Balrog?

What woke up the Balrog?

In TA 1980, a Balrog awoke in Khazad-dûm when the Dwarves had mined too deep for Mithril. It drove the Dwarves out of their home and slew King Durin VI, and the Balrog was thereafter called “Durin’s Bane”. Gandalf the Grey fought the Balrog, allowing the Fellowship to escape Moria.

How did the dwarves wake up the Balrog?

The Balrog killed Durin VI, the Dwarf-King of Khazad-dûm, whereafter it was called Durin’s Bane by the Dwarves. Avarice, principally for mithril, drove the dwarves to go too deep and awaken the Balrog. The Dwarves attempted to fight the Balrog, but its power was far too great for them.

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Is Smaug the last dragon in Middle-earth?

Smaug was the last named dragon of Middle-earth. He was slain by Bard, a descendant of Girion, Lord of Dale.

Who was durin?

Durin was the eldest of the Seven Fathers of the Dwarves fashioned under a mountain by the Vala Aulë who yearned for the arrival of the Children of Ilúvatar.

What are the Nazgul dragons called in Lord of the Rings?

Fellbeasts are monstrous, wyvern-like creatures that were bred by Sauron to be steeds for his lieutenants, the Nazgul. They were not truly dragons, but rather creatures from an older time long past in Middle-Earth.

Could Durin’s Bane be a servant of Sauron?

Gandalf the Grey defeated Durin’s Bane although he did die but Gandalf the White was easily overpowered by the Witch King who is not really as strong as Sauron so the possibility that Durin’s Bane could be a servant of Sauron is there in terms of power but in the story there was no clear evidence that Durin’s Bane was a servant of Sauron.

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How did Smaug end up in Moria?

Some servant, hiding underground doing nothing. Nah, he was Melkor’s servant, just as Sauron was. That’s why he ended up in Moria. With Melkor gone, that whole army kind of crept off and hid away. Smaug pillaged a bit and fell asleep inside a mountain. Balrogs crept underground and stayed there.

What happened to Smaug and Shelob?

Smaug pillaged a bit and fell asleep inside a mountain. Balrogs crept underground and stayed there. Shelob too, found some cave and led pretty much a normal spider lifestyle (well, people instead of flies, but hey, she’s big).

Did Sauron know about the Balrog in Moria?

Sauron no doubt knew about balrogs, having been a servant of Melkor, who created them. But from all that’s shown in the LOTR there’s no evidence he controlled the one in Moria, or even was in communication with it (the orcs seemed to hold the balrog as some sort of demi-god more than another asset of Sauron,…

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