Which BTS member has the best solo career?

Which BTS member has the best solo career?

Looking solely at complete projects, Suga is now tied with fellow BTS superstar RM as the most prolific, as the two have released two mixtapes apiece. RM was the first member of the group to go solo, which he managed over five years ago.

Is Suga BTS related to royalty?

Idols Jin and Suga are related to Joseon dynasty aristocrats, while V’s ancestor is King Sinmu of Silla.

What has happened to BTS Suga?

What happened to Suga from BTS? The BTS member was eventually diagnosed in 2019 with a “posterior labral tear of his left shoulder.” Though Suga received various treatments to help him perform, he continued to suffer from a wide range of symptoms including not being able to lift his arms and pain.

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Why Suga is called Grandpa?

Suga earned the title ‘the grandpa of BTS’ after spending time with the K-pop group. One of which came from his love for sleeping, as fans fondly dubbed Min Yoongi the “grandpa” of BTS. “He is a sleepy boy. Also his mood varies often.

What is the most powerful clan in South Korea?

The Sunheung Clan was the most noble and powerful clan among clans with surname Ahn, and was one of the Six Greatest Clans of all Korean clans during the Goryeo Dynasty and early Joseon Dynasty.

Why is Yoongi getting shoulder surgery?

As previously reported, on November 6, Big Hit Entertainment announced via Weverse that Suga had undergone surgery to repair a torn shoulder labrum. The tear was related to an injury that occurred in 2012 when the performer was hit by a car during one of his delivery boy shifts.

What happened Suga mother?

His mother, who most likely taught him how to play the piano, committed suicide by arson when he was 15 (see 19 September YEAR 16). Yoongi kept a burnt piano key until the 25 June YEAR 20.

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Does Suga have siblings?

Min Geum-jae

Why did Suga join Big Hit Entertainment?

That’s why I joined the agency,” Suga told the television programme Rookie King Channel BTS in 2013. On why he ended up signing with Big Hit Entertainment, the BTS rapper joked about how the agency’s founder and co-CEO Bang Si-hyuk “tricked” him.

Why are BTS’ Suga’s solo songs so popular?

Through honest lyrics capturing his innermost feelings, BTS’ Suga’s solo songs walk listeners through his challenging journey from underdog to international chart-topper. Through it all, Suga maintained his authenticity as an artist, and that quality continues to resonate deeply with fans to this day.

What is Suga’s real name before BTS?

Alongside his emotionally-charged rap lyrics, Suga is known for producing and composing many of his own songs. In 2016, he released a self-produced, 10-track mixtape called “Agust D”, referencing the stage name he used before becoming Suga of BTS. Agust D is an anagram that combines his BTS name, where D is a reference to his hometown, Daegu.

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Does Suga have the same MBTI as RM and Jungkook?

According to the list, Suga shares the same MBTI as bandmates RM and Jungkook, as well as Tablo and Tukutz from Epik High, the alternative hip-hop band that Suga cites as one of his main musical influences. Are these BTS merchandise items a cool sign of fandom, or all a bit tacky?