Which BTS song is least popular?

Which BTS song is least popular?

10 Underrated BTS Songs

  1. “2nd Grade” This is one of BTS’ early songs about growing in the K-pop industry.
  2. “Look Here”
  3. “I Like It Pt.
  4. “Boyz With Fun”
  5. “Run”
  6. “Ma City”
  7. Interlude/Outro: ‘Wings’
  8. “Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone”

What is the most underrated song of BTS?

Underrated BTS songs that deserve more attention

  • Path.
  • Coffee.
  • Satoori Rap/Paldogangsan.
  • Where You From.
  • Outro: Propose.
  • Miss Right.
  • What Am I To You.

Who is the most underrated member of BTS?

Other fans say that Suga is the most underrated member of BTS. He’s a rapper and a producer; one fan stated that because of this, Suga is the most underrated member of the K-pop group. The fan said that he might be underrated because he’s generally soft-spoken and has a reputation for being blunt and savage.

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Is BTS’s “beautiful” by BTS underrated?

BTS has a lot of great music. Beautiful is probably underrated because this song dates back to 2013. Here the BTS member’s voices are younger and the audio is poor but I can still jam to it. At first the song is cringey, especially when you watch the video with it but after a few plays i got it really stuck in my head.

How did BTS become so famous?

BTS started to become globally famous when they won an award at the Billboard Music Award as Top Social Artist in 2017, but their first grand prize or daesang award was in 2016 at MAMA. After that, they’ve kept winning daesang awards every year.

Is the Truth Untold by BTS a sad song?

The Truth Untold is really sad. It’s about an urban love story you can read about it Story behind ‘The Truth Untold’ – BTS | ARMY’s Amino here. If you give this song a chance, i feel like the beat guides you on until it unexpectedly drops your mood.

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What is the meaning behind BTS’ ‘Am I Wrong’?

One of the only blues-influenced tracks in BTS’ catalogue, “Am I Wrong” was co-written by Grammy Award-winning musician Keb’ Mo, who sampled his 1994 song with the same title. The funky rhythm and upbeat melody — with Jimin’s high note as its climax — belie the track’s somber message about apathy in the information age.