Which has greater bond angle H2O or H2S and why?

Which has greater bond angle H2O or H2S and why?

Bond angle is directly proportional to electronegativity of central atom. as electronegativity of O is more than S so bond angle of H2O more than H2S. Due to more electronegativity of oxygen electron cloud shift towards it and this lead to increase in b.p-b.p repulsion.

Why bond angle of H2O is greater than NH3?

Answer Expert Verified. H2o contains two lone pairs where as NH3 contains only one lone pair. As we all know that lone pairs are responsible for the repulsions with in the molecule that causes to reduce the bond angle. So, the bond angle of NH3 is greater than the bond angle of H2o.

Why the bond angle in H2S is less than H2O?

As the electronegativity of the central atom decreases, bond angle decreases. In the present case, S is less electronegative than oxygen. Thus bond pairs in H2S are more away from the central atom than in H2O and thus repulsive forces between bond pairs are smaller producing smaller bond angle.

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Which molecule will have larger bond angle NH3 H2O Ch4 H2S?

Where as Ch4 has highest bond angle among all of them . Bond angle of h2O is less than that of Nh3 due to repulsion of 2 electrons in h2O . H2S

Why is the bond angle of PH3 93?

PH3 has a bond angle closer to 90° because of poor overlap between the s and p orbitals, so there is little hybridization of orbitals. This causes the lone pair of PH3 to take nearly all of the s orbital with little p mixed in, and the remaining orbitals (for P-H bonds) are nearly pure p orbitals.

Which molecule has largest bond angle?

H2O has the largest bond angle among VIA group hydrides. The reason is the high electronegativity of oxygen atom due to which bonding electron pair remains closer to oxygen atom in H2O molecule. Hence, the repulsion between bonding e− is maximum in H2O due to which the bond-angle is maximum (104.5°) in H2O .

Why is the bond angle in H2S smaller than that of PH3 though both are distorted tetrahedral?

The following examples illustrate the use of VSEPR theory to predict the molecular structure of molecules or ions that have no lone pairs of electrons. In this case, the molecular structure is identical to the electron pair geometry.

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What is the bond angle of SO2?

Sulfur dioxide has bent shaped structure with sp2 hybridization. Central Sulfur atom is doubly bonded to one oxygen atom, while it is sigma bonded to another oxygen atom. It has bond angle of 119 degrees.

Which of the following have largest bond angle SO2?

On the S element of SO3 without free electron 👉 the triangle with S is center so the angle of OSO is 120 degree. Hence the bond lenght of SO3 larger than SO2.

Why is the bond angle of SO2 120?

SO2. has three domains, two double bonds and a lone pair. So its basic angle is 120 degrees but the lone pair will squeeze the OSO angle to a bit less than 120.

Why does SO2 have bent structure?

In sulphur dioxide, as well as the two double bonds, there is also a lone pair on the sulphur. To minimise repulsions, the double bonds and the lone pair get as far apart as possible, and so the molecule is bent.

Why is the bond angle in NH3 greater than in SO2?

Due to Sp2 hybridization the S-O- S angle is greater than the angle in NH3 , H2S, H2O as all have Sp3 hybridization. SO2 in which S is sp2 hybridized and the bond angle is 119.5 degrees but in H2O, H2S and NH3 the hybridization of central atom is sp3 hence the bond angles are 104.5degrees, 92degrees and 107 degrees respectively.

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What is the difference between SO2 and H2O H2S NH3?

Firstly, ‘S’ in SO2 is sp2 hybridised ,and central atoms of H2O,H2S and NH3 are sp3 hybridised.So, the bond angle in case of SO2 is nearly 120 degree, whereas the bond angles in case of H2o,H2S and NH3 are nearly equal to 109.5 degree. Secondly, the compound SO2 contains one lone pair whereas H2O and H2S contain two lone pairs.

Why is the lone pair repulsion in SO2 greater than H2O?

The lone pair repulsion is greater than lone pairs bond pair n greater thq than bo d pair bond pair. Bond length in case of SO2 is larger than H2O ,NH3,H2S becoz in all three compound central atom is bonded with H atom which contain a singl E-book ie there is no lone pair of e-books but in SO2.

Why does sulfur have a higher bond angle than water?

SImply put, because sulfur probably uses its 3p-orbitals to bond with the hydrogen atoms. Explanation: The difference between the bond angle of water, which is. 104.5∘. , and that of hydrogen sulfide, which is. 92.1∘. , can be attributed indirectly to the difference in atomic size between oxygen and sulfur.