Which is correct go or goes?

Which is correct go or goes?

Both ‘go’ and ‘goes’ are in simple present tense. ‘Go’ is used in plural number and ‘Goes’ is used in Singular number.

How do you use the word goes?

Goes Sentence Examples

  1. I hope your meeting goes well.
  2. She goes with me.
  3. Let me know if anything goes wrong.
  4. That goes up in the hills.

What is the past tense of she goes to school everyday?

“goes” is same as “does go”, past tense is “did go”. So the answer is “He did go to school everyday.”

Does he go to school correct sentence?

“He goes to school” is correct, because pronoun “He” is singular. The question you have asked is incorrect, because “He goes to school” is a sentence, not a word. The correct one is “He goes to school”.

Is it correct to say they go to school every day?

The correct sentence should be: “They go to school every day.” The pronoun/subject ‘they’ should go with ‘go’ and not ‘goes’ as a rule, while ‘every day’ (an adverb) should be differentiated from ‘everyday’ (an adjective). However, if you were referring to just one person, you would be correct to say “She goes to school….”

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Does the girl’s mother go to school every day?

In contrast, we’d say, ‘The girl’s mother goes to the school every day to help out in the library,’ because the mother is not a pupil and the school is now seen as a specific building. Yes, it is correct. ‘She’ , which is the subject attracts singular verb ‘does’.

Is it correct to say he or she goes to school?

If you are using singly , it will be “he/she Goes to school.” He or she is singular. The rule is that singular noun should concord with the singular verb. So, “He goes to school or she goes to school” is the correct answer. Similarly, you can’t say they goes to school but you can say they go to school.

What is the subject and verb of she goes to school?

Subject and verb must agree in number with each other. She is singular and hence the verb Go should be made singular: Goes. Conclusion: She goes to school daily. Thanks and God bless. She goes to school daily. He, she, or it goes to school. It goes to school? But I go to school. They also go to school.

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