Which is the correct passive voice of the the maid cleans rooms daily?

Which is the correct passive voice of the the maid cleans rooms daily?

Answer: The room is cleaned by the maid every day.

Has the servant cleaned the room passive?

the room was cleaned by the servant is the passive voice of the sentence.

What is the passive voice of clean the room?

Answer: Let your room be cleaned by you.

Who is creating this mess passive voice?

Correct Option: D As per the given above sentence is given in Passive Voice. By whom is this mess being created?

Did you plant these flowers change into passive voice?

Total English – ISCE – Class 9 Did you plant these flowers? Were these flowers planted by you? As in above sentence helping verb is in past simple so in passive voice helping verb will be from Past continuous .

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What is the passive form of the sentence I gave him a book?

Active Voice = I gave him a book for his birthday. Passive Voice = A book was given by me for his birthday.

What is the passive voice of they called off the meeting?

Active and passive voice

active passive
They called off the meeting. > The meeting was called off.
His grandmother looked after him. > He was looked after by his grandmother.
They will send him away to school. > He will be sent away to school.

What is the passive voice of we do not clean our room?

Answer: the room is not cleaned by us.

How do you use the passive voice in a sentence?

I clean my room everyday. If you want to focus on the person or thing affected by the action, you make the person or thing the subject of the sentence and use the Passive voice: I was invited for tea by the queen. My room is cleaned by me everyday. Compare the Activective and Passive.

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What is the past tense of cleaning the House?

Someone cleans the house every day. The house is cleaned every day. 2. Simple Past Tense Someone cleaned the house yesterday. The house was cleaned yesterday. 3. Present / Past Continuous Tense Someone is cleaning the house now. The servant was washing the plates when I arrived home. The house is being cleaned now.

What is the passive form of the verb to do?

Passive forms are made up of an appropriate form of the verb TO BE followed by the past participle (pp) form of the verb. To DO => to be DONE (do – did – done)