Which Malayalam actor has most fans in world?

Which Malayalam actor has most fans in world?

Top 5 Malayalam Actors/Heros with largest fan base

  • Mohanlal.
  • Mammootty.
  • Prithviraj Sukumaran.
  • Dulquer Salmaan.
  • Fahadh Faasil.

Who is most popular Mohanlal or Mammootty?

Also given the fact that Mammootty has won more National awards that Mohanlal, he is definitely the better actor. His performances in films like Thaniyavarthanam, Vatsalyam, Amaram etc can be considered to be lessons in acting for the new breed of aspirants who are making a beeline to join Mollywood.

Who has most fans in Kerala Mammootty or Mohanlal?

Mammootty has 2.2 million followers on Instagram. Thank you all !! On social media, Mohanlal seems to have more fan following than Mammootty.

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Which Kerala actor have more fans?

Other than perhaps Allu Arjun, Vijay is the only non-Malayali actor who has a massive fan following in Kerala. In fact, he is one of the biggest box office kings in the state and his thriller film ‘Theri’ was such a big hit in Kerala that it managed to defeat many Malayalam films in the process.

Who has more fans in Kerala Vijay or Mohanlal?

Yes,Vijay is having more fans in Kerala than Mohanlal and Mammootty After Theri Release. Yes Vijay has more fans than Mammootty and Mohanlal. After Theri release,Kerala People started liking Vijay,after Master Vijay has atleast more than 30,000 fans in Kerala.

Who has more fans in Kerala Vijay or Surya?

Personally i feel that Suriya is miles ahead of Vijay when it comes to acting skills, but comparing the fanbases Vijay has more fans in Kerala.

Who is better Mohanlal or Kamal?

Though both are great actors, Kamal has a slight lead over Mohanlal. It is not because of the acting prowess but the variety of characters that he has experimented.

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Who is the most fan base Malayalam actor in Kerala?

But, when comes to Kerala fan base Mammootty and Mohanlal stand first. Here’s a list of Malayalam actors with the largest fanbase….Malayalam Actors With The Largest Fanbase

  1. Mohanlal. Known As.
  2. Mammootty. Known As.
  3. Dulquer Salmaan. Known As.
  4. Nivin Pauly. Known As.
  5. Prithviraj. Known As.
  6. Dileep.
  7. Fahadh Faasil.
  8. Tovino Thomas.

Who is known as God of mollywood?

Indian legendary actor Sri Mohanlal has turned 60 today.

Who is more fans in Tamil Nadu?

When it came to the best actor, the people of Tamil Nadu have chosen Vijay. Vijay is the popular pick of Tamil cinema fans. He has even surpassed Thala Ajith Kumar. However, Ajith has given a tough fight.

Does Mohanlal have more fans in Kerala than Mammootty?

I think it’s safe to assume Mohanlal has more fans in Kerala than Mammootty does, though the latter isn’t far behind, and most fans of each don’t outright think the other is a bad actor. I hold the same opinion.

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Why is Mohanlal so popular in Malayalam cinema?

Mohanlal has built his on-screen persona in the Malayalam industry by majorly playing larger-than-life characters with a standard set of traits, which later became the definitive for the Malayalam hero. Though this helped with developing his popularity, it also restricted the variety of characters he played in his films.

Why doesn’t Mohanlal act in biographical movies like Mammootty?

Mammootty, on the other hand, is proficient in method acting and can completely transform himself into roles that are least reminiscent of the superstar. Perhaps that could be the reason why Mohanlal hasn’t ventured into biographical movies while Mammootty has played Dr. B R Ambedkar in his biographical movie.

What is the difference between Mohanlal and madmammootty?

Mammootty’s Megastar image is often attributed to more serious and righteous characters, rather than pure charm compared to Mohanlal.