Which percentile is good for cat?

Which percentile is good for cat?

Q: What is a good score in CAT? A: For IIMs, nothing less than 97-98 percentile is good but for other top MBA colleges 90-95 percentile is good. A majority of CAT test takers fall in the category of 80-90 percentile and 100s of B-schools accept candidates having CAT score in this range.

Is it necessary to join classes for CAT?

Most of the experts suggest that taking CAT coaching is beneficial for the candidates to score well in the exam. However, it is not mandatory to join any coaching institute to prepare for the CAT exam. Just a proper planning and preparation strategy can help you to ace the CAT exam.

Is 75 percentile cat good?

Use CAT percentile predictor to know sectional and overall CAT percentile….Major B-Schools Accepting 75 & Above Percentile in CAT:

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B-School Percentile
IBS Business School, Hyderabad 75 Percentile
National Institute of Technology, Warangal 75 Percentile
BIMTECH, Greater Noida 75 Percentile

What is a good score for CMAT?

Yes, 310 is a good score in CMAT exam. With 300 marks you will be able to get admission in many well known MBA colleges such as NSHM Knowledge Campus, Kolkata and ITM Navi Mumbai.

What is \%percentilers?

Percentilers is an Indian platform providing highly interactive and result-driven online classes for CAT and more management exams. We use a real-time virtual learning environment to help students prepare for CAT most efficiently and interactively. The aspirants can browse, discover, and choose to learn various topics of their choice.

Why choose percentilers for your coaching?

At Percentilers, we primarily focus on offering the best coaching to graduates and working professionals who are preparing or aiming to crack competitive management exams like CAT, XAT, IIFT, MAT, CMAT, etc. With our online courses, students also get updated series of mock tests for these competitive exams.

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What is the most important part of cat prep?

As anyone will tell you, the most important part of CAT prep is the mocks. Towards the end, I was taking one mock almost everyday. It’s absolutely essential to take as many mocks as you can and sit and analyse your mistakes in each of them. Develop a strategy through these mocks.

Should I subscribe to Cl or time Test series for cat?

As mentioned earlier, I had subscribed to both CL and TIME Test series. CL test series was much more helpful in deciding on a strategy than that of TIME, mostly because it was closer to actual CAT. The RC and CR questions in Aimcats were difficult and irritating.