Which tense is who broke the window?

Which tense is who broke the window?

The choice of tense all depends on what is predominant in the teacher’s mind at the time of speaking. If he’s focusing on the present state of the window, he’ll probably use the present perfect and if he’s focusing on the past action, he’ll use the past simple.

Who breaks the window change into passive voice?

By who (whom) was the window broken – is the passive voice of the given sentence .

What is break in past tense?

For example, the past tense of the verb break is broke and the past participle is broken….Irregular verbs.

Verb Past tense Past participle
break broke broken
breed bred bred
bring brought brought
burst burst burst

Who broke this beautiful glass change the voice?

When we change into passive voice sentence will become “by whom crystal glass was broken? ” Given sentence is in interrogative form so the sentence in passive voice should also be in interrogative form. In the given sentence subject is ”who” object is ”crystal glass” and verb is ”broke”.

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Who has broken his slate change the voice?

By changing the given sentence into another voice we will get ” This slate has been broken by whom”? Explanation: In passive voice, the action of the verb is on the target point.

Who has broken the glass voice change?

This glass has been broken by whom? you just have to make the subject(who) the object and the object(this glass) the subject.

Is broken passive?

The active verb becomes a passive verb (broke was broken). To change an active verb into a passive form simply use the verb To Be in the same tense, and then add the past participle of that verb.

Who is the receiver of the action?

The “receiver” of the action is in the subject slot, and the “doer” of the action is placed in the object slot. A be verb is also added. (HINT: If a be verb is NOT followed by an -ing verb, the sentence is passive.) ACTIVE VOICE–John (doer in subject slot) read the entire novel (receiver in object slot).

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What do you say when you break glass?

After the glass is broken everyone yells “Mazel Tov,” which means good luck. The fragility of the glass suggests the frailty of human relationships. The glass is broken to protect this marriage with the implied prayer: “As this glass shatters, so may your marriage never break.”

What is the difference between ‘somebody has been breaking that window’?

1) somebody is singular, so you can’t use ‘have’. Also, the difference between ‘somebody has broken that window’ and ‘somebody has been breaking that window’ is, the first sentence means that the window was broken once, however the second sentence means that the same window has been broken more than once. Thank you very much everyone!

Is “the window was/windows were broken” in the passive voice?

“The window was/windows were broken” is in the passive voice, especially when there is a “by-” phrase expressing the agent (=who or what broke the window): “The window was broken by the storm.”

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What does “the window was broken with a hammer” mean?

‘The window was broken with a hammer.’ Now a hammer is being held and used by an agent as a tool with which to break a window. ‘With’ implies a source that is wielding the hammer — a person presumably, but an agent anyway. 8 clever moves when you have $1,000 in the bank.

Is it “I’m Broke” or “broken?

We’ve all used the expression I’m broke on occasions, meaning that one doesn’t have any money at a particular moment in time. So, broke goes hand in hand with a lack of money. Throw in bankruptcy as well. The word broken on the other hand, should be used when referring to all other unfortunate situations, such as: