Who does Deidara have a crush on?

Who does Deidara have a crush on?

‘Naruto’ Profile: Deidara

Partner Sasori Tobi
Ninja Registration IW-08721
HideNature Type Explosion Release Earth Release Lightning Release

Did Itachi like Deidara?

Evidence. Despite his obvious resentment, Deidara is revealed to admire Itachi as well.

Is Deidara going to tsuchikage?

The answer is no. No one had the ability to defeat Deidara, especially at the time where he fought Sasuke in the anime.

Did Itachi use genjutsu on Deidara?

Deidara used his Explosion Jutsu to trap Itachi, only to realize that he was the one who was trapped. Itachi had actually cast a genjutsu on him before the battle had even begun, which meant Deidara was just fighting an illusion. By using genjutsu, Itachi won this battle before it even started.

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How strong is Deidara in Naruto?

There isn’t a specific answer for this, more so just feats showing how strong he was. Deidara was strong enough to push Sasuke to his limits and would’ve killed him if not for Plot Armor. Deidara almost destroyed Sungakure but Gaara stopped the explosion using his sand shield technique above the village.

What is the most powerful jutsu Deidara has?

C0 is Deidara’s most powerful jutsu, it’s only usable once because it will kill the user by exploding, however it’s power is just like that of a Tailed Beast Bomb. Originally Answered: How powerful is Deidara in Naruto?

How good is dedeidara’s flight?

Deidara’s flight speed is quite good, able to avoid Gaara’s high speed sand attacks in the air during their battle at the start of part two. As already stated, he possesses incredible reaction speed, able to avoid a high-speed blitz by Sasuke getting to the air with his bird in an instant.

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Does dedeidara have good Taijutsu skills?

Deidara’s skill in Taijutsu cannot really be measured since he’s always in the air flying with his birds. He prefers keeping his distance from above while using his lethal explosives. Still he’s been shown to possess incredible reactions and thus must possess decent taijutsu skills.