Who has highest Rolls Royce in India?

Who has highest Rolls Royce in India?

And as far as the Cullinan is concerned, the richest man in India, Mukesh Ambani is reported to have one too. Read all about his customised Cullinan here.

What is the highest price of Rolls Royce in India?

Rolls-Royce Cars Rolls-Royce car prices in India: The price of Rolls-Royce cars in India starts from 6.22 Cr for the Rolls Royce Wraith while the most expensive Rolls-Royce car in India one is the Phantom with a price of 10.48 Cr.

Who has gold Rolls Royce in India?

The current-generation of Rolls-Royce Phantom is priced in India at Rs 9.5 crore (ex-showroom price). The gold car is a part of a package at the Oxygen Resorts in Kerala. Boby Chemmanur added the GOAT of cars and made people’s dream of travelling in this vehicle a reality for a price of Rs 25,000, a Twitter user said.

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Which person has most expensive car in India?

Inside Mukesh Ambani’s Exotic Garage| Mercedes, Bentley And World’s Most Expensive Cars. Inside Mukesh Ambani’s Exotic Garage: Mukesh Ambani is India’s richest businessman and in his 400,000 square-foot skyscraper Antilia, one floor is entirely reserved for parking where over 160 cars can be parked.

Who owns Phantom VIII in India?

Ambani family They own the Phantom VIII Extended Wheelbase, Phantom Drop Head Coupe and three of the Cullinan SUVs from Rolls Royce. Other luxury high-end car possessions include Ferrari 488 GTB, Aston Martin DB11, Ferrari Portofino, Ferrari 812 Superfast, Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster and many more.

What is the richest Rolls Royce?

Rolls Royce, the name itself exudes opulence, has made a new feat with their latest creation, with only three units made for super exclusive and high net worth individuals, which can be called the world’s most expensive production car at a price tag of Rs 202 crore or $28 million per unit.

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Do mammootty have Rolls Royce?

Luxurious cars have always been a fascination for Malayalam celebrities. From BMW to Ferrari, Rolls Royce to Maruti, our Mollywood stars own some of the most expensive cars in the country. Mammootty, Mohanlal, Prithviraj Sukumaran and more are known for owning many swanky cars.

Who owns Lamborghini in Kerala?

It may be noted that only actor Prithviraj and Cyril Philip, a businessman from Kottayam, are the only people to own the Rs 3.5 crore worth Lamborghini Huracan in Kerala.