Who is the best in maknae line of BTS?

Who is the best in maknae line of BTS?

BTS’ maknae line members – Jimin, Jungkook and V prove their brand power yet again! BTS’ Jimin topped the list for the 34th consecutive month with a brand reputation index of 7,654,771, marking a 57.62 percent increase in his score since September.

Which BTS member has the best body?

BTS reveals RM has the best body in group, ARMY says ‘close the gyms’

Who is second most biased in BTS?

V from BTS was the top bias! Followed by Jimin and Suga in joint second.

What is Jimin body type?

Jimin’s body shape is quite intriguing and fitting him in one definite form for both his upper and lower body wouldn’t be 100\% accurate. He is the closest to the dual circle shape (rounded hourglass) which isn’t exactly standard among men.

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Who has the hottest body in BTS?

With his eyes, chiselled jawline and dark hair, Kim Taehyung is described as the most gorgeous BTS member. He has a sculpted body as well.

What body type does Namjoon have?

Namjoon’s body type is dramatic with some softness and romantic tendencies. He is tall and has very long legs and arms, which seem to be on the fleshier size even without exercise or being overweight. He has a moderate sized waist. His bone structure is pretty large and and he has large hands and feet.

Is it now BTS maknae line’s turn?

It is now BTS maknae line’s turn. Let’s check out the campaign from the maknaes. Thanks to @doolsetbangtan for the translation! Charming Party Ayo Who Am I? Translator note: * Charming Party [매력있당, a cute version of 매력있다, which means “is charming.

Do you think Jin has the best body in BTS?

They were all created/taken by their respective owners. They all have really good bodies but all the members said that jin has the best body he has the broadest shoulders and even jungkook who is known to have a good body says he is jealous of jin and if he has Jins body he wouldn’t need to work out.

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What is the body type of K-Pop Idol BTS?

There is no one in BTS with his body type. His body is legitimately every girl’s dream body because of his S line. Broad shoulders, tiny waist, big bottom, thick thighs, flat tummy, mile long legs, pretty, sharp collarbones, TALL, slender.

Who are BTS members?

As many people know, BTS consists of 7 members – Rap Monster ( Leader), Jin, Suga, J-hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook. Their first single “No More Dream” from their 2 Cool 4 Skool album won them the ‘New Artist of The Year’ awards at the MelOn Music Awards and Golden Disk Awards in 2013, as well as the Seoul Music Awards in 2014.