Who is the smartest person in the Bat-family?

Who is the smartest person in the Bat-family?

Tim Drake is often overlooked as a member of the Bat Family, but he has the potential to be the most dangerous of Batman’s partners.

Who is smarter than Bruce Wayne?

In term of intelligence, Lex’s IQ surpasses that of Bruce (Lex’s 225>Bruce’s 192).

What is Barbara Gordon’s IQ?

Barbra is the best computer hacker on earth and is considered a genius with an eidetic memory. She’s not much of a detective and more of a computer wiz. She doesn’t use strategy as a main weapon. Her iq is around 150–160.

Is hawkgirl smarter than Batman?

10 Hawkgirl She accomplished this by proving to be a better strategist than Batman. She was able to routinely beat The Dark Knight at chess. She discovered and removed the tracking device he placed on her mace.

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Who is the most intelligent Robin?

Detective Tim Drake
9 He Is An Intelligent And Prolific Detective Tim Drake stands out amongst the other Robins because of his unmatched detective skills. He is widely considered the most intelligent Robin, rivaling Batman.

Is Bruce Wayne or Lex Luthor smarter?

Batman is one of the most intelligent people in the DC Universe, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t those who have been able to outsmart him. Batman is stated as being the second smartest man behind Luthor.

How did Batman get Batgirl pregnant?

Basically, Batman got Batgirl pregnant while she was still involved with Dick Grayson. And rather that let Barbara tell Dick, Bruce got in there first. Telling Dick about he and Barbara…

Did Bruce Wayne ever have a relationship with Barbara Gordon?

The cartoon suggested in one episode that Bruce Wayne had a relationship with Barbara Gordon at one point. However last week’s comic went a bit further. Not only did we learn about Barbara and Dick’s blossoming relationship back in the day… but that the timing was rather awkward.

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What happened to Dick Grayson in Batman Beyond?

The comic book Batman Beyond 2.0 is set two years after the end of the cartoon series Batman Beyond. The future Batman, Terry McGinnis, has partnered with the grown up Dick Grayson, joining the series as his mentor, rather than the elderly Bruce Wayne from the animation. The current arc explains why Dick Grayson was never seen in the TV show.

Why does Batman always have weapons in his utility belt?

At which point Barbara Gordon took to the streets, engaged in a battle and, it is certainly suggested at the end of the last issue, had a miscarriage. So you can see why things in the future Batcave may have gotten a little… tense? Anyway, from that point on, Batman always added these to his utility belt.