Who is the strongest Avenger after Infinity War?

Who is the strongest Avenger after Infinity War?

1. Scarlet Witch. Scarlet Witch is the most powerful Avenger we have, and while many people actually believe Captain Marvel or Thor are the most powerful, Scarlet Witch comes out on top. She has continued to demonstrate extraordinary power since Infinity War.

Who is the strongest Avenger in MCU right now?

The Most Powerful Avengers In the MCU, Ranked

  1. The Scarlet Witch.
  2. Doctor Strange.
  3. Ant-Man.
  4. Captain Marvel.
  5. Thor. Image via Marvel Studios.
  6. Shang-Chi. Image via Disney.
  7. Hulk. Image via Marvel Studios.

Who are the top 10 most powerful Avengers?

Ranked: The Top 10 Most Powerful Avengers Of All Time

  • Captain America.
  • Spider-Man.
  • Thor.
  • Black Widow.
  • The Incredible Hulk.
  • Hawkeye.
  • Vision.
  • Quicksilver.

Who are the top 10 Avengers?

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Captain America. Captain America wasn’t a founding member of the Avengers,but it’s almost impossible to imagine the Avengers without him.

  • Iron Man. It just isn’t the Avengers without Tony Stark.
  • Black Widow.
  • Thor.
  • Scarlet Witch.
  • Black Panther.
  • Hawkeye.
  • Luke Cage.
  • Captain Marvel.
  • Hulk.
  • Who is the weakest Avenger?

    Hawkeye is easily the weakest Avenger, and he knows it. Both rely on advanced gadgetry and martial arts to get out of difficult circumstances. The MCU would be wise to make Hawkeye its Batman in that Hawkeye is mostly bound to his city and is in his element fighting in the streets and alleyways.

    Who are the strongest Avengers?


  • HULK.
  • SERSI.
  • Is Spiderman the strongest Avenger?

    Thor is easily the strongest Avenger. Not Spider-Man, not Wolverine, not even the Hulk. Captain America shouldn’t even be on here, being a mere human. In the Thor comics, Thor was crowned as on of the most powerful beings in the universe, after Odin.

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