Who will win Konan or Sakura?

Who will win Konan or Sakura?

In a fight against Sakura, she’s is likely to lose. Sakura possesses immense physical strength, and thanks to her Strength of a Hundred Healings seal, she’s almost immortal in battle. Against such an opponent, there is little that Konan can do to win.

Can Hinata defeat Tenten?

A member of the Hyuga clan, Hinata is capable of deflecting any of the projectiles Tenten launches at her. This would prove potent enough to sunder any weapon that Tenten could hope to defend herself with in the unlikely event that she had the reflexes to parry the woman’s attacks.

Is Temari stronger than Hinata?

Hinata can probs find a weak link in Temari’s attack using Byakugan and break through it, and don’t forget Hinata now has Hamura’s Chakra if she didn’t use it all up in The Last. Temari can use more powerfull find and more accuratly,while hinata can find the weak spot.At the end temari wins. Temari wins easily.

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How strong is Tenten Naruto?

Tenten is the most powerful character in fiction, she posesses a fusion of tenseigan and rinnegan and has 69 TSO at her command. Tenten is the real shinobi no kami, the true God of shinobi, she birthed Kaguya from nothing and formed life.

How strong is Konan paper?

This means that Konan can make over 3.5 billion paper bombs in a hour. This means that Konan can make over 59 million paper bombs in a minute. This means that Konan can make 992,063 paper bombs in a second. This is assuming that she spent every second for an entire week, making paper bombs, with no food, water or rest.

How did Konan get her powers?

As a child, Konan has had a natural talent for origami. She would go on to develop it into her fighting style, leading to the creation of the Dance of the Shikigami. This technique transforms her entire body and clothing into numerous sheets of paper that she can control, shape and change the colour of at will.

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