Why are comments and likes dropping on my Instagram posts?

Why are comments and likes dropping on my Instagram posts?

The drop in comments and likes might have happened due to several reasons, such as: Using blocked hashtags, Using too many hashtags or hashtags which are too popular, Using the same exact hashtags all the time (copy-paste under each post), Using bots,

Why am I not getting as many likes on Instagram?

Everything is handled automatically after that, meaning you don’t have to worry about consistent posting at all. There are several reasons why you aren’t getting as many likes on Instagram as you used to. It could be something out of your control, such as bots being banned.

Why are my Instagram followers not seeing my new posts?

They can make your posts invisible temporarily. It means that no newcomer can access your posts to like them. Remember that o ver-used hashtags seem to get us banned. The Instagram algorithm is goes changing it means your followers won’t soon see your new post. The more you interact with an account, the more it will show on top of your home feed.

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Why do Instagram hashtags not work anymore?

If Instagram hashtags don’t work anymore, it means that no new people can see our posts, let alone like them. The Instagram shadowban seems to have something to do with hashtags. After researching, we found out that some hashtags were banned or blocked by Instagram. They can be blocked temporarily or indefinitely.

Why do I see more posts on Instagram than usual?

If you spend a lot of time on Instagram, you’re going to see more posts as Instagram digs deeper into its catalog. If you spend enough time on Instagram, you can even run out of new content to see. Once this happens, the algorithm will serve you suggested content from new accounts — based on your previous interactions.

Why is Instagram hiding likes on posts?

Instagram may be the pride of Facebook, and it’s still growing briskly overall, according to the company. One problem suggested, and answered, by hiding likes is that people aren’t posting to their feeds as much as they used to. Instead, they’re posting Stories.

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How to get more likes and followers on Instagram?

By finding your personalized best time to post on Instagram, you can hack the algorithm to increase your reach and get more likes and followers. And if you post at a time when your followers are online and most active, you give yourself a better chance of getting more likes.