Why are so many healthcare professionals overweight?

Why are so many healthcare professionals overweight?

The study was very careful to eliminate factors such as gender, race, smoking, and age as contributing to their excess weight. Long hours, stress, limited access to healthy food, excessive commuting time, and sedentary jobs push us toward eating the wrong foods and/or eating too much and avoiding exercise.

Are nurses more likely to be overweight?

Nurses are the largest health care occupation group, and the prevalence of overweight/obesity among U.S. nurses ranges from 30\% to 55\% depending on geographical area, race and ethnicity, and work settings (Han et al., 2011; Miller et al., 2008; Tucker et al., 2010; Zapka et al., 2009).

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What percentage of nurses are overweight?

Results: The grand mean body mass index (BMI) of nurses surveyed was 27.2. Almost 54\% were overweight or obese. Fifty-three percent of these nurses report that they are overweight but lack the motivation to make lifestyle changes.

What percent of doctors are overweight or obese?

Physicians, like much of the American population, are not immune to the challenges of girth control [3]. A recent study of male physicians revealed that 44 percent of them were overweight and 6 percent were obese [4].

What percentage of doctors are obese?

Doctors, viewed by most as the leaders in medicine, are not immune to the obesity crisis. According to the 2007 Physicians Health Study of 19,000 doctors, 40\% were overweight and 23\% were obese. Overweight and obese doctors may be significantly less likely to counsel their patients about weight loss.

What percent of healthcare workers are overweight?

Healthcare workers are at a much higher risk of obesity than the majority of occupations, according to a 2014 study by the American Journal of Medicine. In the survey, the healthcare category, overall, ranked 5th out of 20 industries with an obesity rate of 32 percent.

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What percentage of Nurses are overweight?

Study Finds 55 Percent of Nurses Are Overweight or Obese. Researchers at the University of Maryland’s School of Nursing found that 55 percent of the 2,103 female nurses they surveyed were obese, citing job stress and the effect on sleep of long, irregular work hours as the cause. The study, which measured obesity using estimates…

How can we reduce obesity among nurses?

To combat the high obesity rate among nurses, Kihye Han, the author of the study, proposed more education on good sleep habits, and better strategies for adapting work schedules. She also called for napping at work to curb sleep deprivation, reduce fatigue and increase energy.

How can nurses manage their weight?

“There’s an awful lot conspiring against weight control in nurses. The solutions are giving the nurses the knowledge and skills they need to manage their weight, and environmental reforms, like having opportunities for physical activity breaks in hospitals, and having nutritious food options readily available 24 hours a day,” Katz said.

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Why are so many nurses leaving their careers?

The 2004 National Sample Survey of Registered Nurses found that more than 40 percent of nurses who left nursing said they did so because of irregular and long hours, indicating that better scheduling could help nurse retention. Han also proposed increasing making healthy food more available, and allowing enough time to consume it.