Why did countries take over other countries?

Why did countries take over other countries?

What three reasons do imperialist nations give for taking control of foreign land and peoples? Competition for land will lead to world conflict. Taking resources from another country. They believed they could create new markets for their goods among the local people (shirts and ties in Africa).

Why did Europeans conquer so much of the world?

The incessant fighting groomed leaders who were victorious in war. The wars and the taxes lavished on them gave the Europeans an enormous lead in military technology. This enabled their conquests, and allowed them to keep native populations under control without stationing large numbers of European troops abroad.

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Why did Western Europe dominate?

Trade was the driving force in making Europe into the dominant world power as it was the midwife for Europe’s superior technology and institutions. And Europe’s trade happened because their food was quite terrible and they were hungry for spices to make their food tastier.

Who Colonised USA?

The American colonies were the British colonies that were established during the 17th and early 18th centuries in what is now a part of the eastern United States. The colonies grew both geographically along the Atlantic coast and westward and numerically to 13 from the time of their founding to the American Revolution.

Why did colonists fight the British?

The colonists fought the British because they wanted to be free from Britain. The British forced colonists to allow British soldiers to sleep and eat in their homes. The colonists joined together to fight Britain and gain independence. They fought the War of Independence from 1775 to 1783.

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What countries did Germany invade in WW2?

German Invasion of Western Europe, May 1940 German troops overran Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and France in six weeks starting in May 1940. France signed an armistice in late June 1940, leaving Great Britain as the only country fighting Nazi Germany.

What was the relationship between France and Germany like before WW1?

Hostility between France and Germany went back over a century, to the time of Napoleon. It was through a war with France in 1870-1 that Germany was united, and France was among the Allied powers that had beaten Germany in the First World War.

Why did the German invasion of the UK take so long?

The Germans viewed the defeat of Britain’s Royal Air Force (RAF) as a prerequisite for an invasion of the British Isles. When the German air force failed to win air superiority over southeastern England in 1940, Hitler postponed the invasion until the spring of 1941.

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Where did the German invasion of Belgium take place?

The main German attack however, went through the Ardennes Forest in southeastern Belgium and northern Luxembourg. German tanks and infantry quickly broke through the French defensive lines and advanced to the coast.