Why did the teacher have to punish an hi?

Why did the teacher have to punish an hi?

Q4) Why did the teacher have to punish Sun-Hee? Ans The teacher had to punish Sun-Hee because Onishi-san had ordered her to do so. She felt very unhappy about giving the girl such a harsh punishment for such a small mistake.

What do you do when your teacher punish you?


  1. Correcting our mistake and not making it again in the future (or) must stop overthinking about it and not do it once more.
  2. you are right.

When did teachers use to hit students?

States Not Allowing Corporal Punishment

State Year banned
California 1986
Connecticut 1989
Delaware 2003
Hawaii 1973

When did school discipline start?

However, the punitive model of school discipline that began in the late 1960s and early 1970s continued through the 1990s in schools across the United States and is still the most often utilized program in schools today (Amuso, 2007; Morris & Howard, 2003).

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How were students disciplined in the 1900s?

Corporal punishment was common in schools for thousands of years as a punishment for bad behavior. By the early 1900s, most schools had abandoned corporal punishment with the exception of Christian schools and some private schools. In the United Kingdom, corporal punishment was banned in all schools in 1999.

How did the history teacher punish Albert?

Answer: This history teacher’s eyes got cold and cruel. He said he didn’t want a lecture from him. He punished Albert by making him stay in for an extra period that day.

Why did the history teacher dislike Albert?

Answer: The history teacher disliked Albert because Albert was disturbing the class asking some questions like “what is the use of rote learning the facts” etc.

Why do schools punish the whole class?

Punishing an entire class for the behavior of a few Keeping the whole class in for recess, deducting grades, or asking them to put their heads down can help to get unruly students temporarily under control. This punishment technique alienates your most well-behaved students.

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Can a teacher punish a student?

It’s not the teachers job to punish anyone. If a teacher tries to punish a bad student he should be either fired or brought to court ( depending on the “punishment” ).

What did teachers hit students with?

In schools in the United States, corporal punishment takes the form of a teacher or school principal striking a student’s buttocks with a wooden paddle (sometimes called “spanking”). The practice was held constitutional in the 1977 Supreme Court case Ingraham v.