Why do I have two throttle cables?

Why do I have two throttle cables?

A push/pull throttle cable is an upgrade to the old standard single throttle cable linkage. The throttle grip works on the carburettors when twisting/throttling up and when releasing/throttling down. The second cable pulls the carb closed so it isn’t stuck wide open.

What are the two throttle cables on motorcycle?

The two throttle cables do each have a different use. The pull cable pulls the throttle open, hence the name. The push cable, however, doesn’t actually push anything. It acts as a safeguard, pulling the throttle closed if the spring fails.

Do you need both throttle cables?

You don’t need it. Technically, it’s only required by the government to return the carb to a non-open-throttle position. But there’s actually a massive spring on your carburetor that returns the throttle back to close.

Why do four strokes have two throttle cables?

4 strokes, especially big ones, have a tendency to ice the throttle valve or slide, like airplanes but not as bad. The second throttle cable is to make sure you can break loose a stuck or frozen slide.

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Are throttle and idle cables the same?

They are not interchangeable. The difference isn’t just the spring, the part that presses into the housing on the handlebar is a different size too for each cable, they only go in one way, so you can’t replace a throttle with a idle or and idle with a throttle cable.

Which cable is throttle and which is idle?

Similar. The throttle looks like it is right, I think on your carb the throttle cable is the one closest to the engine, and the idle is the farthest from (which is different from the picture below. The screw is your idle set screw.

How much play should motorcycle throttle have?

Most motorcycle manufacturers recommend about 2 to 3 millimeters of throttle free play, but over time the cables will stretch and settle into their housings and you’ll end up with more slack.

When should I replace my motorcycle throttle cable?

Replacing your throttle cables. If your inspection reveals any damage, you’ll need to replace your throttle cables. You might also need to replace them to accommodate a different handlebar.

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How much free play should motorcycle throttle have?