Why does hashirama release wood?

Why does hashirama release wood?

Plot reasons. It’s supposed to be the source of his strength, and something so rare that it gave amazing abilities. That’s why it was coveted so badly by people who wanted great power. If other people (like the Senju) had it, it wouldn’t be that rare or coveted.

Why is hashirama overpowered?

He’s an Asura incarnation aka son of the narutoverse God. He has unrivaled chakra as a single person and his Chakra was known for being so dense it affects the area around him when he releases it. Even as a weakened Edo Tensei he was too strong to be controlled by Orochimaru even though Orochimaru had his own cells.

How did moegi get Wood Release?

Wood release is the kekkai genkai of the Senju clan (originally the God trees sacred ability and also the Otsutsuki clans Kekkai Genkai), however, Moegi is able to do it by combining Water and earth style.

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Can Hashirama’s wood release be used on bijuu?

Hashirama’s wood release should’ve been passed down to his offsprings. That’s how kekkei genkai work. i believe it’s a mixture of water + earth and someone with infinity for Yang Release would be able to use Wood jutsu’s and be able to subdue Bijuu’s. as well as having a large chakra pool, 2 facts.

Why is Yamato able to learn wood release?

Yamato went through hell to get them. Maybe he expected the trait to be easily passed down like most kekkei genkai. they say wood release is earth + water style but that’s not just it, or else many ppl wuold be able to learn it. Wood and trees are living beings, so it’s clearly thanks to his cells and strong life force.

Why is Hashirama so hard to master?

Probably because retcon. It used to be a secret ninjutsu that was very hard to master than Kishi changed it to a blood line. I always took it as Hashirama being a special snowflake first, and then having it massively enhanced by being Asura’s transmigrant second.

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How did Obito and Madara get wood release?

Other people with his blood like Zetsu, Obito, Madara, and Yamato all have wood release. Maybe Obito and Madara got it easily because they are direct Hagoromo descendants. Yamato went through hell to get them.