Why is Orochimaru not dead?

Why is Orochimaru not dead?

While his body was destroyed, Orochimaru wasn’t completely killed off in this fight, but rather was instead sealed within the curse mark. During Sasuke’s fight with Itachi, due to his exhaustion and lack of chakra, Orochimaru emerges once again but is quickly sealed away by Itachi’s Susanoo’s Toska Blade.

Is Orochimaru still bad in Boruto?

Yes, and no. Orochimaru really hasn’t done many evil deeds, other than maybe genetically experiment on people. After the 4th Great Ninja War, Naruto and Sasuke saw that Orochimaru could be redeemed due to his help. He has done some good deeds to, like give Mitsuki Sage-Mode.

How did Orochimaru get back to life?

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He escaped his control and was ultimately sealed by Itachi using Totsuka. However, Orochimaru had previously stored some of his consciousness in Anko’s cursed seal. By combining this with a piece of Orochimaru’s power residing in Kabuto’s flesh, Sasuke was able to revive him.

Is Orochimaru still immortal?

Yes Orochimaru is immortal. He(or she) can’t be killed. He is one of the legendary Sanin. He can regenerate himself with new and better body by different means.

Why does Sasuke bring back Orochimaru?

Despite being one of the reoccurring villains throughout the series, Orochimaru had a change of heart when it mattered most. During the Fourth Shinobi War, he was revived by Sasuke in order to get the truth about Itachi and Konohagakure.

How does Orochimaru have a kid?

This includes the unique, mysterious son of Orochimaru, Mitsuki. As no one wants to romantically entangle themselves with the snake Sannin, his son was created as a clone. Orochimaru experimented, spliced, and scrambled his genetics to make them as perfect as possible. Best put, Mitsuki is an artificial being.

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Will Orochimaru ever die?

Orochimaru has never died per se. But he has been completely incapacitated before. When Sasuke left Orochimaru’s tutelage, the Sannin tried to take his body with the Living Corpse Reincarnation technique but its effects were revered by Sasuke and Orochimaru was sealed within him.

Is Orochimaru still a threat?

Orochimaru is the Batman of the Naruto-verse and he is still very much so a threat. For all of his incredible powers, Hashirama is weak to poison, the same could be applied to Naruto and Sasuke. Orochimaru isn’t an idiot.

Does Orochimaru have a clan?

There is no such thing of the clan of Orochimaru and there is no mentions of his origins in the series just that he was an orphan. His physical features do not correspond with any clan that has been seen so far but I am assuming he naturally looks like that because he looked the same from when he was a child.

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Is Orochimaru a human or what?

No. Orochimaru is no longer human, nor even close to any aspect of what you could call a human existence. Orochimaru exists as a state of mind. He is a collection of the interconnections in his neural networks, this is why he is able to move from body to body, copying over and restructuring the tissure of his host body.