Why is Rahul Dravid number 19?

Why is Rahul Dravid number 19?

Rahul Dravid He was nicknamed “The Wall” because of his conventional approach, which he used to hold the framework alongside the dynamic players. He donned the No. 19 jersey in international cricket as a reminder for his wife’s birthday.

Who is the jersey number 19?

Indian Cricket Team and their Jersey Number List :

Player Name Jersey Number
Shikhar Dhawan 42
Shivam Dube 70
Shubman Gill 77
Umesh Yadav 19

What is jersey number of Rahul Dravid?

19India national cricket team
19Rajasthan Royals / Batsman
Rahul Dravid/Number

Who is Jersey No 2 in cricket?

13Full list of Indian cricket players jersey numbers

S.N Cricketers Name Jersey Number
1 Virat Kohli 18
2 MS Dhoni 7
3 Rohit Sharma 45
4 Shikhar Dhawan 25

What is the jersey number of KL Rahul?

KL Rahul

Personal information
ODI shirt no. 1
T20I debut (cap 63) 18 June 2016 v Zimbabwe
Last T20I 19 November 2021 v New Zealand
T20I shirt no. 1
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Who has jersey No 5 in cricket?

Who is Jersey No 5 in cricket? Call him the Wall or Mr. Dependable, Rahul Dravid is the name, who at the start of his career sported the jersey number 5. In cricket, Rahul Dravid earned credentials especially for his performance in Test format throughout his sixteen-year career.

What is the secret behind Rahul Dravid’s jersey number?

The Perfectionist and the most disciplined cricketer ever lined up by Indian cricket team. He is mostly an unsung hero and the secret behind his jersey number is as smart as his cricketing skills. Rahul says his jersey number is 19 not because of the superstition, in fact that’s the best way to remember his wife’s birthday.

Why does Virat Kohli wear number 18?

When awarded with India debut, he chose to wear number 18 in remembrance of the day his father passed away. Faf du Plessis (18): Du Plessis not only shares the jersey number with Kohli, but his reason is to remember his international debut for South Africa, which was on January 18, 2011.

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Which is the most famous jersey number in cricket history?

8 Most Iconic Jersey Numbers In Cricket History with their Astrological Connections Cricketers Jersey Numbers Virat Kohli 18 Sachin Tendulkar 10 Herschelle Gibbs 00 Virendra Sehwag None