Will data science be useful in the future?

Will data science be useful in the future?

The future of data science is promising for those with the right skill set pursuing it as a career. It is set to revolutionize many sectors such as health care, transport, business, finance and manufacturing industries through Artificial Intelligence and automation.

Is data science a booming field?

Over the years, job opportunities and salaries in data science have boomed in India — a trend that pandemic-driven digital transformations have further accelerated.

Is data science a high paying job?

Years of Experience. Data science professionals with a salary greater than INR 1 Crore in India have a median work experience of 19.3 years. Almost four in five (79.0\%) of these professionals are employees with work experience greater than 15 years.

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Is data scientist in demand 2021?

So is data science still a rising career in 2021? The answer is a resounding YES! Demand across the world for Data Scientists are in no way of slowing down, and the lack of competition for these jobs makes data science a very lucrative option for a career path.

Will data science become extinct in 10 years?

As someone working in data science for over a decade, it is frustrating to see people prophesying on how the field will get extinct in 10 years. The typical reason given is how emerging AutoML tools will eliminate the need for practitioners to develop their own algorithms.

What is the future of data science?

Going forward, the skill set collectively known as data science will be borne by a new generation of data savvy business specialists and subject matter experts who are able to imbue analysis with their deep domain knowledge, irrespective of whether they can code or not.

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Is data science becoming more accessible?

As advances in AI continue to progress in leaps and bounds, accessibility to data science at a base l evel has become increasingly democratized.

What are the biggest issues facing data science today?

A big issue right now is that while more and more companies are committing more heavily to data-driven product development and their data teams, there are very few examples of folks deep in their careers who are pure data scientists, particularly when you exclude people in management.