Will I get travel allowance for SSB interview?

Will I get travel allowance for SSB interview?

Candidates who attend SSB interview are eligible for TA also know as SSB Travelling Allowance given by the respective SSB or AFSB centres. It is double the amount you have spent in the journey from your address to the respective SSB board.

How much is travel allowance in Afsb?

How much travelling allowance you can claim. You will be given TA upto AC-3 tier for both side.

How do I plan a journey for SSB interview?

Keep in mind to begin planning for your journey well before your journey date. Make sure and check and recheck with your call letter whatever you have to carry. Make a list and follow the instructions of the call letter very sincerely. Also do carry your call letter, admit card & a valid photo identity proof.

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How many SSB boards are there in Bangalore?

Address, Cubbon Rd, FM Cariappa Colony, Sivanchetti Gardens, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560042. The Selection Centre South, Bangalore has three boards of selection – 12 SSB, 17 SSB and 24 SSB. The selection centre is headed by a Major General who is also the President of 17 SSB.

Is Afsb and SSB same?

AFSB stands for the Air Force selection board and recommends candidates only for the Indian Air Force and SSB stand for Service Selection Board and the candidates are particularly selected for the Indian Army and Indian Navy. …

When Am I entitled to the SSB travelling allowance?

You are entitled to TA when you attend the interview for a commission for the first time. Such allowance is not admissible for second or subsequent attempts for the same type of commission. You will get the SSB travelling allowance once for permanent commission entry and for short service commission entry, irrespective to the type of entry.

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What is Ta (travelling allowance)?

Travelling Allowance is given to those candidates who are shortlisted for attending SSB, irrespective of their entry. Anyone who goes for SSB for first time, gets his cost of travel (for both of travelling sides) back on reporting day. All you need is ticket to show as proof. Also, do remember TA is only for freshers.

How much is the fare from my hometown to SSB centre?

Let’s say the fare from your hometown to SSB Centre is Rs. 500/- (without online reservation charges, if any) then you will be paid Rs.1,000/-. In case you cancel the ticket you will not get reimbursement of cancellation charges it is to be born by the candidate only.

How do SSB candidates travel to their SSB centers?

Most of the candidates are allotted their SSB center which is not easily accessible by their own convenience. In such cases they are bound to travel by the public transport, in some cases, by air too. The conducting body bears full expenses and provide you the total money including both side of travel.

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