Will there ever be a group like BTS?

Will there ever be a group like BTS?

It has been over seven years since Big Hit Entertainment introduced the world to BTS. But can there be another BTS in the future? According to Big Hit Entertainment’s global CEO Yoon Seok Jun, the answer is no.

Which Kpop group is most like BTS?

Similar To

  • Big Bang.
  • BlackPink.
  • EXO.
  • EXO-K.
  • NCT 127.
  • Seventeen.
  • SuperM.
  • U-KISS.

Will there be a second BTS?

Even BigHit’s Global CEO told that BTS is a miracle and there can never be a second BTS. Considering all these points, we can conclude that no Kpop group can be the next BTS.

Is K-pop life hard?

The life of a trainee can be hard and tiring. Many trainees may give up their dreams of becoming a kpop star but it can be hard giving up their dream too. While there are many people who love listening to kpop and wish to become a kpop idol themselves, it can be hard to actually become a kpop idol.

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Is Yoongi royal blood?

The article also mentions that Suga confirmed his royal lineage during a V Live broadcast, adding that his family belongs to a high rank in the Yeoheung Min Clan. According to Business Times, Suga has at least four ancestral grandmothers who were empresses or queens that ruled over Korea.

What is the difference between BTS and other K-pop groups?

But there is one big difference compared to their competitors: BTS has (more) artistic freedom. Whereas the music of other K-pop groups is often written by international producers, the Bangtan Boys are responsible for a lot of their own lyrics. They also have a say in the choreography.

Why is K-pop so popular?

The magic word in K-pop is ‘perfection’; the music, the video clips, performances, and image of the idols are extremely polished. The K-pop groups sell a dream;

Who is the biggest K-pop group in Korea?

BTS is one of the biggest K-pop groups, together with EXO and BlackPink;

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Do you know these 20 facts about BTS?

Also known as Bangtan Boys, BTS is composed of the artists RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. RM is the leader of the group, however, each member has their own quirks and personality traits. Here are 20 interesting facts about BTS that you probably do not know. 1.