Did Loki go to a different timeline?

Did Loki go to a different timeline?

Loki and Mobius’ relationship was an integral part of Loki season 1, and so it came as something of an unexpected blow to discover that, after Sylvie betrayed Loki and sent him through the time door, he landed in a different timeline and that version of Mobius didn’t recognize his former ally and friend.

What time frame is Loki set?

The beginning of Loki technically takes place during 2012’s The Avengers. Happily enough, that’s also the in-universe MCU year of 2012, 11 years before the events of Avengers: Endgame. During the first Avengers, Loki is defeated by the titular superhero team and is waiting to be being whisked away to Asgard.

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What happened to the sacred timeline in Loki?

The Loki finale tells us the Sacred Timeline is just one reality: He Who Remains and the TVA have been micro-managing it for eons. They reset everything that doesn’t go according to plan, and the bits that survive end up in the void where Alioth consumes them.

Is variant Loki the real Loki?

Yes, the version of Loki featured in his self-titled Disney Plus series is classed as a variant, following the events of 2019 blockbuster Avengers: Endgame. The “real” Loki died at the beginning of Infinity War, after a noble last-ditch effort to stop Thanos ended with the Mad Titan choking him to death.

Why are the Loki variants different?

As is the way of the Asgardians, Loki is reborn following his death at the hands of the Void. But this time, things are different – because of the power of the Void, Loki is reborn a fresh soul, with the stains of his past mischief wiped away, in the body of an adolescent child.

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Who is the other Loki variant?

Loki episode five on Disney Plus gave us a formal introduction to four alternate versions of the God of Mischief – Kid Loki, Classic Loki, Boastful Loki and Alligator Loki – but they aren’t the only Asgardians looped into this mayhem.

Is ‘Loki’ connected to another timeline?

Since there are an infinite amount of timelines in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s not surprising that another timeline created another Loki Variant who wanted to wreak havoc in the main timeline. “Loki” is streaming exclusively on Disney+ starting June 9.

What happened to Loki after ‘Loki’ season 1?

Loki season 1 ended with Sylvie kissing the Loki variant, and then kicking him back to the TVA before stabbing He Who Remains. Loki was left depressed and saddened, and running around the TVA in panic. Now that Sylvie’s “freed the timeline,” there is a lot of chaos coming our way in the MCU.

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Is Loki season 2 coming in 2022?

Rumors of Loki season 2 being renewed bubbled up in November 2020, so we can reason that the new season has been written in the time since that leak, and those rumors included a January 2022 start date for production. So, we’d bet that Loki season 2 is likely to air as early as June 2023. Loki season 2 cast and crew

What does agent Mobius tell Loki at the end of Season 1?

At the end of the episode, Agent Mobius tells Loki that the TVA needs his help catching the other Variant. Loki, naturally, wonders why he could help the TVA. That’s when Agent Mobius tells Loki that the Variant is, well, Loki.