Is it normal to get anxious before therapy sessions?

Is it normal to get anxious before therapy sessions?

It is completely normal to be nervous or anxious before attending a therapy session, especially your first one. Many people do not know quite what to expect from their first session and feel some ambivalence or apprehension about beginning the process of counseling.

Why do I get anxious about going to therapy?

The reason that you are going to therapy is that you are afraid of people; and yet therapy requires you to open up and share your innermost feelings with a complete stranger. Particularly for those with generalized SAD, therapy may initially be as difficult as the social situations that you fear.

Is it normal to miss part of a therapy session?

You deserve to talk to someone whom you feel comfortable around. There are times when missing part or all of a session is nothing more than a scheduling snafu, but if it happens often, it might reflect an attempt to avoid therapy, the therapist or the feelings that are coming up in therapy, Fleck said.

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What to do when you’re stuck between therapy sessions?

The fix: When problems or roadblocks strike between sessions, reflect on what you’ve discussed in therapy, including suggested coping techniques, said Denver-based licensed psychotherapist Brittany Bouffard. Taking what you’ve learned for a spin can help you move past old patterns that you’re stuck in, and rebuild self-trust in the process.

Do you have a fear of seeing a therapist?

Finding the right therapist and exposing your most intimate thoughts often means overcoming multiple mental hurdles standing in your way. In fact, research suggests that just 49 percent of people with major depression aren’t getting treatment for it, and the fear of facing a therapist might just be the reason why.

What should I tell my therapist when I feel uncomfortable?

If you feel uncomfortable opening up about certain things, sharing this fact with your therapist can make for a great jumping-off point. From there, you can work together on disclosing significant intel in a contained, safe way.

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